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Friday, 21 September 2018

Auto Blogging: Don't have time to write blog just copy blog and paste it

First of we recomend the copy and paste type of blog, this is too much harmfull for the blog, for long period of time or long race.

Recommend from the blog

Don't have time to right a blog just copy and paste it:-

In this era of increasing competion we refer  just copy and paste the article or use the article rewriter for your blog. This will help to increase user retention of yours as you always copy all article from top ranked page in their domain or nieche. 

Contrast to article rewriter:-

we often say article rewriter is best for your copy and paste type of blog, we must say this type of blog have too many constras as we may often go for wrong work as we must say article rewriter will decrease level of gramaticlly error. As we all known that gramatical error  will decress the google ranking  or page ranking. At last we must say this cause reverse effect to the the blog.

From where to copy the article

1. SEOPressor Blog Title Generator

 2. Hubspot Blog Theme Thoughts Generator

3. Free Text rewriter

4. Article Rewriter

5. eArticlesOnline

6. EzineArticles

7. Articles.org

8. Article Circle

9. Amazines

10. Blogger Linkup

11. PostJoint

12. My Blog Visitor

13. Content BLVD

14. Post Sprinter

15. Wikimedia Center

16. Infogram

17. Pixabay

18. The Thing Venture

19. PhotoDropper

20. Web Chronicle

21. Chart book

22. Canva

23. Snappa

24. Giphy

25. Visitor posting

26. Crowdsourced/Master Gathering posts

27. Host Meetings

28. NewsJacking

29. HARO

30. Interesting Article Maker

31. ArticleGenerator.org

32. ArticleForge

33. Articoolo

34. WordAI

35. Scholar

36. Plume

How to write the post:-

Step taken to write the blog:- 

1. Make a "Best xyz list" type post

2. Repurpose sight and sound into content substance

3. Repurpose old substance

4. Repurpose "stranded" substance

5. Make an interpretation of substance into different dialects

6. Minister Content

Be that as it may, before we proceed with, we should characterize what we mean by free substance here.

What is free substance? 

Firstly, free substance are the substance they are as like video (youtube, daily motion), picture or image( you can buy it or take it from online source) and texts(others content)

Where and when to utilize free blog content?

Don't forget these are the article which are from the top blogger's or you are buying right or stealing some one's own property.

The content you are copying from others blog shouldn't be in level 1 pages Or the article you right for your post.

In my point of view you should use them  in level 3-4 page. The level 3-4 page will save you from getting caught by search engine.

As search engine can punish you for copying the other's article.

What are layered page on the blog?

Level 1 page:- Level 1 page are those page which get index to the search engine or they are directly visible to the search engine or by the user.

Level 2 page:- Level 2 page are supported page of the Level 1 page, this page is directly linked to indexed page. 

Level 3 page:- Level 3 page are those page which under redirect or subordinate to the Level 1 or Level 2 pages.

Caution:NEVER utilize free substance for your level 1 pages.

Free or copied content is not fully correct or well defined in it but you can use them as your Subordinate page.

Free Blog Content Generator Instruments

1. SEOPressor Blog Title Generator

The Best example of this type of that "if you put some line in these tittle generator you will get approx 500-700 tittle, you have short out out of them which will favour your Blog tittle."

2. Hubspot Blog Theme Thoughts Generator

Hubspot Blog Theme Thoughts generator are those type of article helper. They provide idea on the trending event happening in the world.

They console you about the idea and the technique you use for your blog.

3. Free Text rewriter

The Free text rewriter is a type of instrument that help with article writing  the just rewrite the previous article after jumbling the words of the stolen article.

The stolen article now get brand new name and everything to get index.

4. Article Rewriter

This came with two type one with free version and other with paid version. So, paid version are often man enhanced while free version is bot enhanced or machine enhance.

In my point of view you should only use this Article Rewriter for your rewriting with paid version. This will not penalize your website.

5. eArticles On the web

eArticles online is an article storehouse.

Top people mostly journalist to get marks for their carrier. So, this came up with the free material. In due with the material used by you, you have to give credits  to original writer.

6. EzineArticles

This is all about the report made by the journalist that don't appear or get published. You should give credit for this all material.

7. Articles.org

Another free online article index, Articles.org as of now just has several articles in their classifications.

They will store you for the ads. This is as like a directory were writer publish for their content for free of cost.

8. Article Circle

Possessed by Singaporean promoting business visionary Larry Lim, ArticleSphere.com is an "online one-stop wellspring of value content" and a "free article index" for anybody hoping to syndicate free substance on their sites.

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