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16 Publishers & Advertisers ' Best Video Advertising networks- EFASAND

16 Publishers & Advertisers ' Best Video Advertising networks

Video Ad Networks
Although Video Ads are quite a modern phenomenon, both publishers and advertisers have quickly become popular. The main reason for their popularity is that they offer a significant increase in income.

So you should definitely consider the format of video ads if you want to raise revenue. Today, 16 Best Video Ad Networks are available to you for publishers and advertisers. For entertainment sites, Video Ads work best. However, if you find these ad formats don't generate enough revenues for you for either reason, video ads can be complemented with banner ads and native ads.
So, when your revenues shrink, you should try to give video ads. The total expenditure on video ads is relatively low, but has grown significantly in recent years and is also expected to grow in the near future. The best way to incorporate Video Announcements as a potential source of monetisation is to access a Video Ad Network, which deals with all the related sales tasks.
Indeed, Video Ad Networks is the best way to monetize your videos via Video Ads. The best thing about the Video ad networks is that they may be used both for the monetization of mobile devices and for desktop traffic.
Videos have always been a powerful means to attract visitors to the website. Even Facebook has a live video functionality and welcome brand ads. By displaying video ads, you can utilize Video Ad Networks and maximize revenue for your website.
However, you should look in a Video Ad Network for certain features. Below we have shared a few key things in a Video Ad Network that you should look for. The first is a strong dosage of targeting options for a good Video Ad Network. It should offer targeting options like geotargeting, behavioral targeting and contextual targeting according to your video ad objectives.
Secondly, a good Video Ad Network should be able to provide video ads on a variety of devices. Users now use a range of devices to surf the web. Your ad network should therefore disperse advertisements on any device.
Thirdly, you should take note of existing customers in a Video Ad Network to make sure that the Video Ad Network is right for you. See if they work with brands that are similar to yours or competitors. It indicates that your company has a video ad network.
Fourthly, it should be possible to provide a good Video Ad Network for several ad formats. So, various video ad display formats should be provided. You can easily find out which ad format is most appropriate for your various video ad campaigns if you have different video ad formats available to you.
Another important aspect of the Video Ad Network is to examine the analysis and measuring tools so you can measure your video ad campaign performance and success to ensure that the video ads meet your expectations.
We have compiled these video ad networks with all the above functionality, to make them a Good Video Ad Network for you in this compilation of Best Video Ad Networks. Let's look at publishers and advertisers ' most popular video advertising networks.
Here’s the list for you:

16 Best Video Ad Networks

1. Google AdSense for youtube

Well, you can use Google Adsense to pay for your YouTube videos. It opens doors to make your YouTube videos easy. To do this, on the adsense account, you must link your YouTube channel you want. You can submit your monetization videos once it is done.

 The YouTube requirements for monetization must be approved for your videos. One of these requirements is that your videos should be promoting. Moreover, you must have the rights to the commercial use of the content. None more than 4000h watch time and 1k subscriber of the YouTube partner program limit ads to their videos and allow for monetisation.
Google AdSense Video Ad Networks

2. Vdopia

Vdopia is a popular mobile video publicity platform. It is recognized as a leadership technology for mobile video ad campaigns on the Website, mobile, and apps by VDO 's proprietary technology.

 Vdopia provides the programmatic platform' Chocolate,' which integrates top- tech partners across the spectrum, and offers a unified, single- stop platform to complete mobile ad campaign planning, purchases and analyzes.
Vdopia 's customers include many global brands, including Coca Cola, Intel, Fords, Microsoft, Walt Disney and hundreds more. Vdopia 's headquarters are located in Silicon Valley, with offices in Singapore, Chicago, Singapore, India, Australia, CA, Fremont, Los Angeles and London.

3. Google ADX

Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange offers programs for managing multiple sources of monetization in the inventory of online displays. It offers the opportunity to grow revenues across various channels by giving every major source of demand like Google AdWords real- time access. 

It comes with DoubleClick for Publishers integration, offers multiple sales options and integrated optimization to maximize all impressions. It connects you with numerous advertisers in Google AdWords. Furthermore, you have access to an international pool of leading networks, business desks and DSPs.
There are also video tags which you can integrate with a player to store the video. Advertisers and ad networks are also known as "Buyers" in the Service of Ad Exchange, while "Sellers" are called publishers and publishers ' networks.


Another popular ad platform is Propeller Ads. It provide publishers with access to nice and high CPM rates to enhance their daily revenues on their website. It proves to be a perfect platform for advertisers to serve their ads over a number of channels. Propeller Ads allows you to expand your reach in advertising. 
It is well known for providing the most efficient optimized ads. Propeller Announcements offers many publicity formats. It supports publicity banners and pop- in( on- click) ads. Click on CPM rate to make it attractive. Video ads are also available. Propeller Ads actually run more than 3,000 active global publicity campaigns.
It manually checks all ads to ensure that only the best quality video ads on your website are displayed. It provides 100% monetization of the inventory. There are no minimum traffic requirements for propeller ads. It provides CPM model- based ads. You receive reporting in real time. Net 15 is the basis for the payout.
Propeller Ads Video Ad Networks

5. UnderTone Ad Network

UnderTone is a pioneer in ad formats for video. It is one of the best non- restrictive ad networks and is easy to set up. However, adults and online gambling publishers are not entertained. UnderTone offers in- banner and pre- roll video publicity. It offers high- impact ad formats and standard IAB formats.
Although its CPM rating is 100%– 1500% higher than conventional ads, its demands on heavy traffic are 500,000. Campaign and ad filtering reporting in real time. The advertising model includes CPA, CPM, CPC and CPV. Its high- impact ad formats and innovative technology capture the interest and imagination of consumers. Both the brand and the consumer benefit from the end results.
 Video Ad Networks

6. HaxHax

HaxHax is a leading video ad network that provides a broad spectrum of display and payment models. In- banner, pre- roll, and post- roll video ads are available to HaxHax for all of the standard IAB size viewing publicities. Editors have the chance to join a selected group from their inventory of high- quality websites.
Take advantage of its exclusive international services and its extensive experience and expertise that you will get nowhere else. It offers ad placement specifications for your site by the advertisers, media, industries and categories.
HaxHax offers extensive reporting, global traffic, self- reports, multiple- screen and service, etc. Payout is based on 30/60 net and PayPal and Wire Transfer is included in the payment method. However, traffic needs of 500,000 page views with 50,000 unique visitors are quite stringent.
HaxHax Video Ad Networks

7. RhythmOne

RhythmOne is Burst Media's rebranding. RhythmOne offers a complete advertising solution across all devices and provides a perfect platform for publishers to maximize their revenue. RhythmOne offers sponsorships and distributed material as well as video and rich media ads.
It is a leading and trusted Video Ad Network that works on a revenue sharing model with over 5000 publishers. It offers publishers with a complete monetization platform that is fully integrated to help the public build up and grow their businesses.

 You do not have to work with multiple partners seamlessly across the desktop, mobile, and connected TV. Its solutions aim to decrease the revenue leakage, to improve site performance and user experience, and to add your total income, eCPM and profit. RhythmOne provides reporting in real time. It includes PayPal, Check and Wire Transfer for payment methods.
RhythmOne Video Ad Networks

8. BrightRoll

BrightRoll offers some of the best video ad options and offers up to 10 trillion prints a month. 

For most publishers, though, BrightRoll entry may be quite tough because it requires up to five million video views per month or up to 3 million mobile site views. You need your video player to serve video ads using BrightRoll. If you're a video company that uses its own video technology, then it's an excellent option for BrightRoll. It also offers videos for applications and mobile sites, and meets the 3 million visual requirements per month.
BrightRoll concentrates on the data approach that helps advertisers reach accurate audiences throughout all formats and devices. It provides cross- channel video targeting, display and indigenous publicity. You are able to get exceptional insights from audiences with exclusive access to Yahoo Public Data. Where your creative appears, you can control it precisely to individual URLs.
BrightRoll Video Ad Networks

9. Videology

TV and video advertising videology specialists. Data and inventory are turned into guaranteed results for customers. It converges publicity- based software helps advertisers, agencies and media companies to increase media value through the provision, execution and measurement of cross- screen planning. 

The global platform further unites the ecosystems of television and video advertising to provide both efficiency and value for advertisers and content owners.
Videology Video Ad Networks

10. Exponential

Users now have a variety of options to access publishing content. Exponential works to address this scenario by providing video, display and mobile with the most attractive, relevant and dynamic ad formats. 

The IAB Rising Star ad formats are delivered in conjunction with polite pre- roll, which generate high CPMs for publishers. Furthermore, its internationally- renowned creative and delivery teams work together to help advertisers and publishers improve UX.
In order to help its partners in every possible way, form and form, Exponential takes an advisory approach. Publishers must enter at least 500,000 unique users a month. Together with this editor, highly relevant, targeted and regularly updated content needs to be developed.

11. Selectmedia

Selectmedia is a leading Video Ad Network offering solutions for monetizing cross-screen video desktop and mobile worldwide. However, Selectmedia has laid out stringent requirements for publishers to be accepted to their platform. The minimum traffic requirement is 250,000 pageviews per day.
Selectmedia offers an advanced advertiser programming platform so that you can access high quality, safe, fraud- free and truly worldwide video media with a price and reach optimised. You use proprietary predictive trading and provisioning technologies using large data to ensure optimal performance and video performance beyond RTB.
Selectmedia is among the most trusted and reliable distribution and video supply platforms and works with the top advertisers in the industry. It provides reporting in real time. The payout is Net 15 based and PayPal, Payoneer and the Wire Transfer.12 method of payment is used.

 One by AOL is a world- renowned, trusted and trustworthy video ad network. Actually, is also one of AOL's biggest ad networks. It offers advertisements in many categories, including mobile, display and video. Publishers can monetize the inventory of video on a scale with Video Ads. The ad network provides integrated tools to forecast demand, optimize yields and improve performance.
• Reporting: Real-time
• Video Availability: Worldwide
• Model: CPM
• Payout: Net 90
13. YuMe
YuMe Ad Network helps publishers and developers maximize their video ad revenue by providing technology, services and science to efficiently monetise their inventories of videos and apps. The public- compatible SDK allows you to run an interactive, highly engaging ad unit across various connected screens. In addition, publishers have access to unique insights so that their audience can better understand and monetize.
• Reporting: Real-Time
• Model: CPM
• Video Availability: Worldwide

14. Adobe Primetime

Adobe Primetime offers the possibility to create and deliver video to all devices and platforms. It is a multi- screen TV platform that helps cable, broadcasters and providers build and monetize attractive, customized viewing experiences. 

You can supply your viewers with TV and film content across 3.4 billion devices. It also allows you to add modular capabilities, including VOS, live television and linear TV, to your existing broadcast.
Adobe Sensei also makes Primetime predict your advertising inventory accurately and package it. Media companies can actually expect high ROIs with Adobe Primetime. It has been incorporated into Adobe Analytics to help you understand the TV and ad content of your audience.

 It allows you to provide each viewer with personalized TV experiences.

15. VeohClick Ad Network

VeohClick offers a wide variety of web publicity solutions to monetize traffic on different platforms. It enables you to monetize video, web and mobile traffic. CPM and CPC pay for the ad network. Different video ad formats, including IAB, are available, for example in- banner and pre- roll.
• Reporting: Real Time
• Model: CPC and CPM
• Video Availability: Worldwid

16. SpotX

SpotX is one of the trustworthiest media ad platforms. It's also an extensive network of video ads with a monthly network of more than 2.5 billion anniversaries and a network of over 1000 publishers. 

SpotX offers the possibility to use its modern ad server to monetize any stream across any screen. A strong API support, interoperable solutions and Standard- Based protocol provide a trustworthy ad service platform.
It offers three contact points for communication in class support. It provides reporting on multi- currency products, creative reviews, price floor optimization and publishers with bid reports. SpotX is a large- scale network that offers CPMs up to $ 10.
Model: CPM
Video Availability: Worldwide
Payout: Net 60
Reporting: Real Time
Payment Method: Check
We hope this presentation on the 16 best video ad networks will prove extremely useful to you. We would like to welcome your comments and suggestions. Don't forget to tell your friends and colleagues if you like the post.

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