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Adnow: payment proof, overview, review

Adnow: payment proof, overview, review

Adnow network Link to sign up

Native ads attract up to 60 percent more attention than classical banners, according to recent studies. Visitors choose native ads because they are willing to look at native website information such as content recommendations or relevant products and interact with them. 

As the most effective part of their digital media plan, advertisers prefer native ads. Every year, the global market share of native ads increases by 140 percent, making it the largest modern advertising trend. 

 Native ads are now considered the most effective tool for the monetization of sales and content. The world's largest internet platforms use native and in-feed ads to monetize their content. These ad formats provide up to 3 times higher CTR and 2 times higher conversion rates, which increase advertisers and publishers ' total income up to 6 times! 

The advertising network was set up in 2014 by the collaboration of digital marketers from RTB and Big Data. Its objective was to create a hybrid format for advertising. This unique format combines advertising and other website content to improve user engagement. 

The network allows the combination of indigenous ads and media banners in one campaign, which is very useful for customers and brands involved in promotional activities. AdNow 's basic idea was based on its founder's decades of RTB, Big Data, PPC and mobile advertising. With more than 4 billion impressions a month, the network has become one of the most efficient indigenous advertising tools in 107 countries in two years.

How AdNow Works

AdNow offers widgets for related posts as a network of content recommendations that publishers can put on their website. The widgets display sponsored content that earns money from the publisher by clicking on the corresponding content and viewing it.

 The service has attracted millions of webmasters who now earn good money from widgets over time. AdNow is a content-friendly platform for the monetization of your website. The network moderators manually check each content before it is distributed to publishers to ensure it is clean, safe and relevant. They even provide JS tags that don't conflict with other ad service networks, so AdNow can be combined 
The network offers publishers several advantages, including weekly payments, easy customization of widgets, fast multilingual support and much more. Publishers with good websites are approved immediately.

However, you must publish at least one informative article each day as a publisher in which AdNow can place its ads. AdNow is an excellent location for publishers that other similar networks such as Taboola, OutBrain and RevContent may not have approved. It provides a unique way to monetize website traffic through relevant and engaging user content that visitors can click and view. If you have good traffic on your website, this is one of the best networks to build 

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

What we like about AdNow: It allows non-English websites to join, has weekly payments, competitive rates, works safely with other ad networks, including Adsense, Propeller Ads and Adtomatik, has a real-time reporting system, and if your website is rejected, you can always apply again after fixing the recommended problems.

 What we don't like about AdNow: Ads that are irrelevant or inappropriate can not be filtered directly. If you receive irrelevant or inappropriate advertising, you must contact support. 

Publisher Requirements

Publisher terms:
Minimum traffic: No, but you have to be content. Language requirements: Accepted English and other languages Prohibited content: Publishers are forbidden to advertise content containing pornographic, diffamatory and libelous connotations or content that incite violence or demean people based on age, sex, race, ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation. AdNow reserves the right on any website that violates its guidelines to disable its service. 

AdNow Company Stats

Network founded: 2014
Employee count: 51-200 employees as of September 2016
Ownership: Private. Partnership No. OC 390789.
Profiles: FacebookTwitterLinkedIn

AdNow Support and Contact Information

Address: Adnow LLP, Las Suite, 5 Percy Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1T 1 Dg,, UK
Tel: (For publishers) +44 20 380 714 60

Advertisers and offers

Network type: CPM, CPC
Ad formats: Related post widgets, Content Recommendation
Verticals: Most (Check: for details).

Tech Implementation

AdNow widgets can be customized completely. For desktop and mobile traffic, publishers are advised to create separate widgets. 

You can customize different aspects from the widget settings, such as image size, rows, columns, fonts and much more. You can obtain the widget code after you have made all the necessary adjustments and changes. The network has two types of code. The first is for widget placement, which shows where the widget appears and the second is the ad load of the javascript. Publishers can combine both codes and place them where they want the widget to be viewed. 

AdNow Tech Implementation
  • AdNow is a good option if you want a better alternative to Adsense, especially for new bloggers who want to try native ads. AdNow is quite flexible and does not require a high volume of traffic, as opposed to other major players in the native ads arena, such as Taboola and Outbrain. To get the best out of this network, you can start with two or three widgets. As previously stated, the widgets can be customized and as soon as you install the code on your site, you will see the ads. There are various formats for placing widgets, including: 
  • Sidebar widgets ideal for desktop traffic Widgets placed in content that works well with mobile traffic Standard widgets placed at the end of the content Based on the theme, niche or content you have, a CTR of approximately 2 to 3 percent with the above settings is expected.
  •  If you have difficulty setting widgets, you can always ask for help from your account manager or simply open a ticket to indicate the problem and the support team will immediately respond. A quick and better way to connect with a publishing support representative is via skype. One of their helpful representatives with the raves username can be added to Skype 

Publisher reporting

The fact that publishers receive detailed statistics on their performance in real time is one of the greatest advantages of working with AdNow. The network has an efficient reporting system, which demonstrates the following daily:
  1. Number of clicks
  2. Number of views
  3. Sources of clicks
  4. Income earned
  5. CTR
  6. eCPM
You can even generate reports from different time zones using statistics from the reporting system on your network and the number of widgets on your site. Hourly stats are provided by the system.

Payment Structure

AdNow Payment Rating: 4 out of 5
Payment Methods Available: PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer
Payment terms: Net 7 (Weekly)
Minimum Payout Threshold: $20
AdNow calculates your earnings on the basis of impressions. You get paid on a weekly or Net 7 basis.

Referral program

AdNow offers publishers an option to generate additional revenue through referrals. You can earn revenue by simply referring other people to join the network via your unique link. The network will then evaluate the websites of your referrals and, if accepted, you will earn 5% of your total revenue per week for a period of 12 months. The income you earn from referrals is normally added to your normal accounting.

Editor’s AdNow Review for Publishers

AdNow is a large network that has grown significantly in just two years. More than 150,000 webmasters are currently using their platform and making substantial profits from the ad network.
 Content monetization with AdNow is easier because visitors are relevant, safe, clean and easily clicked or viewed by a large percentage of the sponsored content displayed by the network on your site. You can rely on the security of the content published on your website, as the network has moderators who manually evaluate each sponsored content before it is made available to publishers. The ad network also offers user-friendly Javascript tags that do not conflict with other ad services 
The process of registering and approving an AdNow account is very simple and easy. Unlike other networks that provide similar services such as Taboola and Outbrain, AdNow does not ask for a specific traffic requirement from publishers who wish to join its network.

 However, before you can be approved, your website must have high-quality content and be trafficked. The site of each applicant is examined manually before approval. All you have to do is fill in and submit a short form. For your account, you will receive an e-mail verification request and submit your website for approval. The approval process also requires you to check whether you are the owner of the website. 

Ad Formats

AdNow is a content recommendation network, providing only related content widgets containing sponsored content that publishers can use to monetize their websites.

Once your website has been reviewed and approved, your widgets can be placed on your site and sponsored content can be viewed immediately. Click on the sponsored content or view it to earn money.

 Their approval is quite quick. You can even receive an answer on a good day within three hours of submission. However, it should be noted that AdNow does not accept content that contains pornographic, diffamatory or libelous connotations or content that incites violence or demeans people based on age, sex, race, ethnicity, disability and sexuality. If you want to monetize adult content on a website, AdNow is not yours. Other networks are providing content. 

Stats and Reports

One of the main advantages over other networks is the detailed and efficient reporting system of AdNow. You can see in your system on a daily basis the number of clicks, views, clicks from other resources, revenue, eCPM and CTR. Even with your daily clicks, you get a chart. This reporting system can be used to generate reports from different time zones, including widgets, websites, impressions, clicks and revenue. The system provides statistics and reports in real time. 

AdNow Pros

  • The network also accepts non - English websites. Allows you to monetize worldwide traffic that Can be used safely together with other ad networks such as Adsense and Propeller Ads Weekly payments, which are paid on time.

AdNow Cons

  • Publishers can not filter advertisements that they consider to be irrelevant or inappropriate to their websites for useable.


AdNow is one of the best options publishers can use as a content recommendation service to monetize their website traffic. The ad network gives you widgets for related posts that show sponsored content to your visitors. Whenever you click on the sponsored content or view it, you are paid. 

AdNow offers publishers many advantages, such as weekly payments, low minimum payouts, multilingual support, different payment methods, clean and safe advertising and easy customization of widgets. This is one of the best native advertising networks you can work with if you have enough traffic. 
Adnow network Link to sign up
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