EFASAND: Education should be free for everyone. Do you Agree or disagree? Write an essay to present your idea

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Thursday, 11 October 2018

Education should be free for everyone. Do you Agree or disagree? Write an essay to present your idea

Education for everybody should be free. Are you in agreement or disagree? Write your idea with an essay

I discuss the ethical aspect of having a free education system in my argumentative essay. I discuss positive aspects and negative aspects of free education and focus on free higher education, as we are free to graduate from high school. I conclude by talking about the actions of colleges and universities and how they would inevitably make the ethical debate silent from the perception of a student, since the burden of morals would fall on institutions of higher education in a world where they are encouraged to act immorally.
It seems unfair from an ethical point of view to have more opportunities missed by people with less money. Opportunities for all people should be ethically open. While the availability of a chance should not ensure that a person receives that opportunity, it should not be excluded. Even when a blind person is hardly guaranteed a position such as the one, the opportunity should not be ruled out by default, for example, to work in air traffic controls. Free education, particularly free higher learning, may open up a range of opportunities which others would not be able to enjoy.
Some people will use free education as a way to get out of work and do nothing in their lives. Students until the last school year can not get full- time employment and live on their wages independently, which is why their education is free. However, if a person has full- time employment and can live separately, he or she can get out of work through the education system. Although qualifications and not living costs are free, someone may still receive a lot of benefits and no incentives to ever be given a job, because he or she is still a long- term member of the education system.
It is very easy for a person to waste his or her life on meaningless learning if all types of education are free for students. It should be agonizing and hard to make the decision for the student think long and hard in the decision in order to get into the thousands and thousand dollars of debt for a career. If all education is free, fewer considerations are needed and students can spend years studying for qualifications that they don't need or even want.
If a student truly seeks higher education and has no reason to do nothing and mess up for many years by making use of the taxpayers ' money through free education, a person may enjoy a longer process of education. For example, a law student requires five to seven years of education, which is also very expensive. When the expense of qualifying has been removed, a person may be able to work intermittently, extend his or her duration of qualification, and take longer to earn these qualifications more conveniently. 


Unfortunately, it is the Universities and college that will spoil it, despite the ethical upsides and downsides which free training provides for students. Student loans nowadays are very easy to obtain, which has led colleges and universities to put their prices to nearly scandalous levels and led colleges and universities to create courses that do not add real value to those wanting to join the workforce. If universities and colleges were fully financed with tax dollars, they would encourage students to join a host of stupid and frivolous programs because education quality is no longer important or applied.

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