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Top 10 Data analytics companies to start your career

Top 10 companies in data analytics to begin your work

Business analytics career is gratifying and has grown rapidly. The necessary skills for today's analysis are: statistical methods, quantitative ability, logical thinking, business knowledge, data science skills, ability to manage and maintain resources. The development of business analysis in India has increased, providing new graduates with enormous job opportunities.

Many competitive analytical companies have shown enormous growth across multiple industries worldwide in India. We have compiled a list of ten companies on the basis of our research that are good for new graduates.

1. Mu Sigma analytics

Dhiraj Rajaram, who is based in Bangladesh, founded Mu Sigma in 2004. Mu Sigma is a well- known decision- making and big data analytics company that supports Fortune 500 companies to achieve their goals by making better choices. Most of these firms are located on different verticals, such as technology, retail, consumer products, finance, etc. Mu Sigma is a unique mix of consultants, mathematicians and software companies.
The new entrants are traveling in Mu Sigma with MSU( Mu Sigma University), where they are led for months, and employees can receive practical training on different challenging projects led by senior staff members. As a typical analyst, you can participate in various projects as a senior business analyser, a partner and a on- site engagement manager with a portfolio of project management. You can also be involved in a company project.
2. Accenture Analytics
Accenture Analytics has built up a niche to offer data- driven solutions through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence as the analytics business of one of the biggest technology companies in the world. Her unique approach involves disarmament by sensors, analytics and third party research of trapped data, combining it with the predictive analytics model of Accenture and delivering cutting- edge intelligence.

For more than 15 years, Accenture has partnerships with SAS and has completed more than 250 client projects together. Microsoft, Oracle and HP are other alliances. You will also benefit from Accenture Innovative Centers and Accenture laboratories to stay abreast of latest trends in data science as an employee of Accenture Analytics.

3. Fractal Analytics

Fractal Analytics hires the best talent and grooms them well. The company has its own learning academy called Fractal Analytics Academy which offers 50 courses conducted by 75 highly rated faculty members. After thorough testing, employees are placed in one of the 4 analytics career track.

4. Manthan

Srikanth Velamakenni and Pranay Agrawal co- founded Fractal Analytics in 2000 as they saw a huge opportunity for analysis in the future. From 2005 to later in San Francisco, Fractal Analytics expanded into New York. It operates in San Francisco Bay, Greater New York, London, Mumbai, ND, Singapore, Dubai today, as well as in the cities of New Delhi. 

The Fractal Sciences laboratory has achieved more than forty specialized products that help to fit into the solution context. They are assembled in any format or analysis tool by recyclable models. These niche services help them to make creative, intelligent, faster and more precise decisions.

Manthan analytics is based in Bengaluru, where Atul Jalan established it in 2003. Manthan is a leading analytics company that specializes in providing retail customers with large- scale solutions and artificial intelligence. The company serves an extensive retail client base including food, convenience, e- commerce, food & food, fashion & clothing.
Manthan believes his employees are constantly growing as a partner. The company offers the opportunity to work throughout geography and platforms with several technological solutions.

5. Absolut Data

Absolut Data Analytics company was founded in 2001 and uses state- of- the- art diagnostic methodology which merges technology, complex data and state- of- the- art analytics. The company believes in the approach of decision- making that is a step forward in traditional analysis. 

The company has designed powerful, yet easy- to- use NAVIK products that enable marketers, sales people and analytic teams in charge of using artificial intelligence( AI) strength.
Absolutdata is a specialty in services including market research, marketing mix, CRm analytics, big data and visualizations, and others with its Head office in San Francisco, California. The enterprise also operates offices in New York, Los Angeles, Dubai and London. 

Its offices in Gurgaon and Bengaluru are located in India. AbsolutData offers an enjoyable atmosphere, enabling employees to be clever analysts and to develop their personality.

6. Cartesian Consulting

Cartesian Consulting is a customer marketing and business analysis specialist, founded in Mumbai in 2009. It currently operates through branches in Mumbai, Gurgaon and Bangalore.

 Cartesian customers cover areas such as hospitality, travel, retail, food & quantity, e- commerce, telecommunications and financial services. Cartesian provides new graduates with lots of exciting career opportunities. You may be joined as Analyst, Analyst, Advisor, Engineer, etc. in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Gurgaon offices.

7. Latent View

Latent View is based in New Jersey, San Jose, and was established in 2006. It has Mumbai and Chennai branches in India. Frost & Sullivan awarded Latent View as winner of the 2015 Analytics Solution Provider. Latent View has its own R&D center, IdeaLabs, designed to facilitate constant technological developments. Big data and predictive analytical solutions are delivered by the company through this R&D laboratory. 

Its innovative products and services are spread across a range of vertical products including retail, consumer packaged goods, finance and technology.
8. Unmetric

Unmetric was established in 2012 as an international social media analytics company. The company has its headquarters in Chennai,( India) and U.S. branches in New York City. This analytics company analyzes branded contents on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Linkedin and Instagram in major social networks and works to improve engagement with the insights gained.
The base of employees is growing rapidly and is made up of new talented people who love their work. The teams in the USA, India and Canada are remotely linked and work together to implement projects.

9. Convergytics

Convergytics is one of Asia's most rapidly developing analytical startups. Established in May 2013, the company offers retail and CPG- focused services, especially marketing, CRM and on- line analytics.
Offering services to enable companies to maximize their ROI, maximize customer fulfillment, drive innovation and sustain the competitive advantage, has gained prominence in a relatively brief period of time. Developer and Senior Developer include Convergytics roles. SMEs, consultants, architects, etc.

10. SIBIA Analytics

In Kolkata SIBIA Analytics is one of India's fastest growing analytics companies providing marketing analysis, SAS, R, SSPS, Python Programming, Business Intelligence Advanced Social Media, Web Analytics, etc., and providing solutions and services. They also provide their customers with data management, integrated analysis and real- time analysis solutions.

SIBIA provides multi- industry predictive analysis and decision support services. The services are designed with the effective use of predictive analytics and data to resolve business difficulties. SIBIA has a culture of working open, welcoming new graduates, practitioners and experienced professionals alike.

 It offers a chance to work with global data scientists and some of the industry's most experienced.

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