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Sunday, 25 November 2018

Arariya what a place to visit

Arariya what a place to visit

District of Araria is one of the 38 The administrative headquarters of this district are the districts of Bihar State, India and Araria town. The district of Araria is a division of Purnia. The area is 2830 km2. The area. It overlooks Mount Kangchenjunga (one of the Himalayan peaks). There are 9 blocks (CD Block) of this district.

The area in which Mr. spent the British period. The bungalow of Forbes was called a "Residential Area," abbreviated to R by the people. Zone. With the passing of time, R. Area received Arariya 's pronunciation.

Raniganj Vriksh Vatika

It is located 30 km west of the District Headquarters of Bihar State in Raniganj Vriksh Vatika.' It is located on the east side of SH, 25 km away. 77, 310 kilometers north- eastern from Patna and 4-lane forbesganj( NH 57) to South Kursela.

This site is the notified forest land by the government of Bihar. The area of "Raniganj Vriksh Vatika" was formerly known as Balu Dhima Hasanpur. The area has been designed as a natural forest area spread over 289 hectares. Its changed nature has been attractive to tourists ' needs.

Currently Raniganj Vriksh Vatika is a picturesque tourist resort of the State of Bihar, an ideal place to study for the nature and health enthusiasts.

How to Reach arariya bihar:

By Air

Bagdogra Airport, located approximately 150 km from the district headquarters, is the closest airport to Araria.

By Train

Regular trains from other major cities in the country are available for Araria. Araria Court and Araria RS are the nearest railway station.

By Road

There are frequent bus services to zero mile bus stations from other major cities in the country. It is only 30 km from Raniganj Vriksh Vatika.


There are many hotels in Araria which can be accommodated.

Bio-Diversity Park Kusiargaon

In Kusiargaon of Araria, the first Bihar biodiversity park is ready. Where it provides researchers with a path. The park promotes tourism at the same time. The sights are not distracted because it is located at the NH-57 at only 10 km from the district headquarters. The park is not in a position to escape.

Places to visit Araria city and Araria district 

Araria honestly leaves them the right space to discover hobby- like locations. At the same time as you travel to this area with only a few kilometers of pressure that brings us to a factor of end, we develop hypnotizing feeling. Since Indians have clean access to Nepal, it is a good way to reach some of the best places in the nearby Araria region. The district of Araria has many historic sites worth exploring as a visitor.

Forbesganj at arariya

It has become one of Araria 's major centers of change. Forbesganj also serves as a meeting constituency of the district as one of Araria 's three main city bodies. This site is famous for several historical monuments, especially the famous Mr. The Forbe Bungalow reminds us of the control of this region with the help of the British. The place was made up of a city that flourished with good grains. It is well- connected and uses roads and trains to relaxation components in the nation. These excellent cities in the region can be reached by train or bus between Forbesganj and Araria.

Palasi( arariya )

It makes traffic entirely rustic. Palasi is also regarded as a notified location in Araria district and is located 28 km northeast of the Araria Metropole district headquarters. 

In the rural area, the supply of profits from agriculture is absolutely the most handy. The rivers Koshi and Bakra pass through Palasi which is good for those who want to explore rural lifestyles. 
Arariya and palasi are connected to the administration headquarters by roads closer to Palasa from the Araria district headquarters. In this direction, local intercity buses operate.

Jokihat( arariya)

It's kilometers to one of Araria 's few semi- urban institutions. It is one of the Araria district's meeting constituencies. The main street from zero miles to neighboring Kishanganj district in District Headquarters Araria connects with the center of Jokihat. The roads are very connected.

Sikti (arariya)

It is one of the semi- urban areas in Bihar district of Araria miles away. It is kilometers away, one of the constituencies of mla assembly. The roads from Araria district headquarters link to the block Sikti. Busses and private taxis are available nearby on the road.

Dainiya (arariya)

In the Kosi sector of Nepal's neighbor country, Dainiya is one of the destinations. Dainiya is known for its greenery and mostly kulhaiya community population in the Morang district of south- eastern Nepal. Also here are historical temples. Travelers go to Jogbani Train Station or they can even picture roads to Nepal to reach Dainiya in just a few hours by the nearby bus provider in Nepal.


Rani ganj is near Arariya.. Although Raniganj is particularly the semi- city status quo for a small area and assembly constituency, people are normally concerned with agriculture. Those eager to travel to Raniganj can take a local bus carrier from the headquarters of the district.


It is situated between India and Nepal and every 12 months is visited by several holidaymakers. The city of Jogbani is renowned for being a medium size traveler. The last train station in India is Jogbani, at the junction point on the Nepal border.

This municipality is one of the few urban establishments in the place and is notified region of the district of Araria. For the United States of America, it is also strategically important for the problems of safety. The town of Biratnagar, its brother across the border, is easily reachable by taking short walks in Nepal.

The city of Araria also houses the customs check point for items at the border, where Indians and Nephalese nationals can pass without any regulations, as an entrance to the Biratnagar metropolis of Nepal. Here are usually seen people from numerous nationalities. For this purpose, trains and road carriers are to be used for touring Jogbani from Araria. The journey takes a few hours.

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