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Tuesday, 27 November 2018

As a visitor did, Place we have to visit arwal

As a visitor did, Place we have to visit arwal

Arwal is one of the 38 districts in the state of Bihar, India, and Arwal is the district's administrative headquarters. It used to be part of Jehanabad.

Language to be spoken in Arawal

The language spoken in Arawal is Magahi.

Hydrology of Arawal


Arwal is Bihar 's only district in terms of quality and availability of water. Because underground water is completely free from impurities according to the survey carried out by experts. Water is mostly available at a much less profound level, this is why many households of arwal are using hand- pumps instead of motors and storage systems.

Excellent transport, Son river and the great availability of water in Arwal can provide the conditions appropriate for establishing the industry.


The district economy is totally based on agriculture and there is no industry in this area. The main plants are paddy, wheat and pulse. While most of the district area is well irrigated, farmers are not benefiting from the lack of infrastructure and power. Agricultural industries are now being launched.

Divisions of Arawal

The district of Arwal is part of the division of Magadh. It was founded in the Jehanabad district on 20 August 2001. Arwal Sadar, which is also divided in five bloques, Arwal, Karpi, Kaler, Kurtha and Suryapur Vanshi, comprised only of 1 subdivision.

TRansportion to reach Arwal


Jehanabad( JHD) and Anugarh Narayan Road( AUBR) are at Patna 's nearest Airport and Railway Station. Arwal is connected to Jehanabad, Patna and Aurangabad by road. On the Sone river is connecting Baba Barmeshwar Bridge to the Sahar River, Arwal( Bhojpur). It has excellent facilities for communication with other Indian cities. NH- 139( Old NH- 98) connects NH- 19( Old NH- 02) through Arwal.

Place to visit in arwal


Tourist Places
  • Gautam Budh Mandir
  • Fakharpur Mandir
  • Anganur Jal Vidyut Pariyojna
  • Makhdum Shah Ka Mazaar 

Topic: As a visitor did, Place we have to visit arwal

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