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Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Auragabad Worst place ever to visit

Auragabad Worst place ever to visit 

As a leading nationalist, Bihar Vibhuti 's first Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Anugrah Narayan Sinha, was also founded by Champaran Satyagraha, who is considered to be one of the leaders of the modern independent Bihar. Aurangabad played a major role in the Indian Independence struggle.

Geography of Aurangabad

The district of Aurangabad is 3,389 square kilometers long, comparative to the Russian Vaygach Island. Aurangabad is the largest area of Russia. The administrative office of this district is Aurangabad City. The district of Aurangabad is part of the division of Magadh. When it separated from Gaya District in 1972 Aurangabad became a fully- fledged district.

Economy Of Aurangabad

Aurangabad was named in 2006 one of the country's 250 backward areas( out of a total of 640). The BRGF is currently one of 36 Bihar districts in the Backward Region Grant Fund Programs. Bihar has a population of 2,511,243, which is approximately equal to the Kuwait country or the U.S. state of Nevada, according to the 2011 Aurangabad census. This makes it 172nd in India( out of 640 in total). 

The area of Aurangabad is a square kilometer( 2.000/sq mi) with a population density of 760 people. During the decade 2001–2011, its population growth rate was 24,75%. Aurangabad had a sex ratio of 916 women per 1,000 man, and a literacy rate of 72,77%.

Aurangabad is one of Bihar 's most lovely towns. In the legacy of elaborate historic events, the city of Aurangabad has entered the core. The city derives its aura and charisma from its lively past and can spell a visitor's mind. Because of its contribution to India's freedom struggle the city is also very popular. He spent many years here with Dr. Rajendra Prasad. 

The former Bihar Chief minister, Satyendra Narayan Singh, who played a major role in the Independence Movement, also takes Aurangabad as its native place.

Tourist Places In And Around Aurangabad

The tourism of Aurangabad is naturally holy with vibrant scenery as it passes through the river called Pun Pun. The hills of Chalho and Dwarpal are flanked by it. These natural landscapes are the source of numerous important stones such as Sphatik, Gomed and Garnet.

 Tourism in Aurangabad offers promising tourist attractions including monuments, temples and mosques. The efficient transport modes make tourists ' journeys easier and this has boosted the tourist industry in the city. Every year the number of tourists grows.

Aurangabad 's cultural history revolves around Magadh and represents a third quarter of the early history of India. This place has been ruled by many great leaders, as King Ashoka and Chandragupta Maurya. The most widely spoken languages are Magadhi and Hindi. 

After dividing from Gaya in 1972, Aurangabad became an independent district. The site displays great diversity of cultures. The land is suitable for paddy, wheat and sugar cane agriculture. The watering schedule has made the region's land more fertile and agriculturally suitable.

Many saints, like Chyawan and Bhrigu, spent their days here as they were always given the perfect setting by natural beauty for praying and meditating. Shah Sadruddin Sufi, Syed Muhammad al- Qadry Baghdadi, Shah Jalaluddin Kabir Panipati and Mohammad Syeed Syalkoti, which blessed the area also with their knowledge, are some names of the League of distinguished Muslim Saints.

Dumuhani Mela is another gem in Aurangabad 's crown and city life. The trade fair at Obra is organized with activities related to cattle trading. The tapestry industry in Obra is flourishing. It is on the banks of the river Punpun, a holy place for the Hindus, as well.

How To Reach Aurangabad

One of the main connecting option can be used by an inbound tourist. In all modes of transport, Aurangabad enjoys good infrastructure. The site is easily connected through roads and has a highly efficient transport mode which primarily has helped to improve tourism in Aurangabad. NH2 and NH98 are well connected.

Best Time To Visit Aurangabad

From October to March is the best time to reach Aurangabad because it is pleasant and easy to go.

Aurangabad Weather

The climate in Aurangabad is usually tropical, with very warm summers and cooler winters than average. Aurangabad 's climate is affected by the easterly winds in the area.

How to reach aurangabad (bihar)

On the road: By virtue of national highways, Aurangabad enjoys decent roads. The city is well served by busses and rickshaws. Gaya, Bhojpur and Patna are easily accessible. 

With the train Sasaram is Aurangabad 's closest train station. It's 46 kilometers away. 

By flight There is no airport in Aurangabad. Gaya Airport is the closest airport to Aurangabad and flights to all of India's cities are available. From the airport to Aurangabad, private taxis are available.

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