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MGID Review for Publishers


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MGID has been around for over a decade. As such, it’s changed a lot—this is an updated review for 2019.

Non-invasive CPC and traffic exchange network for publishers and advertisers.

Introduction to MGID
Source Mgid

MGID offers native solutions for advertising. This network offers advertisers as well as publishers solutions, and this review will focus on the publishers ' platform. With MGID publishers can either monetize traffic( through advertising) or "recirculate" visitors. There are two options.

Most webmasters know the first alternative, but the recirculation concept refers to traffic sending to other websites, which in turn sends traffic back to you. MGID does this with a "promoted content" widget that can be displayed at the end of your posts. The network charges this as' significant content integrated smoothly in the natural activity stream of users,' which is marketing for' the user experience will not include the advertising of your website.'

You can choose what kind of content you "promote." That means that the content displayed can be in the same niche as your website— for instance, a men's website is not forced to promote knitting content. 

The widget can be adapted to match the current website design and a full publication policy ensures that users know that they are unable to read or endorse any content you have written. The widget can be easily integrated with WordPress and works with desktop and mobile devices.

MGID reports an average RPM of $ 1 to $ 3 without cap for publishers who would like to display advertising instead of recycling traffic. The worldwide rate of filling is 100% publicity and can be displayed at every device and location. 

Providing similar functionality and options, publishers familiar with Google AdSense or other ad networks will probably find familiar territory on MGID 's offers.

Ads can be displayed in a number of ways that are at the discretion of the editor. Users can select to view desktop ads as output, header widgets, widgets, and sidebar widget under an article or a blog post. 

A header, and a under- content widget include mobile display options. Ads will be fully communicated to visitors to the website and will only relate to the category or niche in which your website is located.

MGID makes it easy for publishers to dip their dots into the traffic pool— or run ads for display purposes. 

This network has a decade- plus history and this gives it the opportunity to develop a few of the knocks that plague younger players in the field, compared with some of the newer networks on the market.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

MGID Company Stats

MGID Support & Contact Information

  • Address: 1149 Third Street #210,Santa Monica, CA, 90403
  • Phone Number: +1 424 322 8059
  • Support Email:
What We like: Multiple traffic options, single platform monetization, easy built- in widgets, no RPM caps or recirculations, minimum payment lower, good customer support.
What We Don’t Like: Can increase bounce rate, relatively low payments

Publisher Requirements

  • Publisher Terms:
  • Traffic Minimum: None
  • Publisher Language Requirement: Primarily English, however other languages are allowed
  • Prohibited Publisher Content: Any property that displays adult, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, libelous, offensive, abusive or illegal content, promotes hate or discrimination or facilitates or participates in or encourages the sale of firearms or illegal drugs is not advertised by the publisher. The right to disable services on any property at any time reserves the exclusive discretion of MGID.
  • Full content guidelines:

Advertisers & Offers

  • Advertising Types:Recommendation Widgets, ads or paid content links are delivered via widgets
  • Offer Types: CPC, Widget-based traffic exchange
  • Verticals: Most (see for details)

Tech Implementation

MGID Tech Implementation Rating:5 out of 5
It is a fairly simple procedure with MGID to integrate commercial widgets or a "promoted content" widget for traffic recycling. A number of options for placement and customisation of widgets are given to publishers.
Display Ad Unit Sizes Available:  Widgets for headers, article and sidebar. Pop output widget is also available. Mobile desktop and mobile devices.
Implementation Technology: HTML, Javascript
MGID is compatible with Google AdSense and other display publicities as long as their TOS are not in breach of their design and style of ads or recycling widgets.

MGID Publisher Reporting & Admin Control Panel

MGID Publisher Reporting & Admin Control Panel Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • Control Panel:  The MGID management control panel may seem a bit daunting to new users in the first place, but it should be relatively straightforward after your first widget is created using your account manager and tinkering. 
  • Users are able to create, modify and save widgets. This means you can save it for later use with a custom name even if you decide not to use a widget you have made now. You will have access to traffic statistics, click rates and more useful data and an immediately updated income report.
  • Reporting:  MGID reports are updated and precise quickly. These figures are easy to view and sort, be you looking for advertising or traffic exchange data. The time( date, month, time), channel and widget type of information are available. These reports can be saved or exported at your convenience.


MGID Payment Rating: 3 out of 5
  • Payment Methods Available:PayPal, bank wire transfer
  • Payment Terms: Net 30
  • Minimum Payout Threshold:$100 USD

Account Help

MGID Account Help Rating: 4 out of 5
  • Knowledge Base URL: N/A
  • Personal Account Manager: Yes
  • Easy to Contact Support: Can be reached via phone or email. + 1 424 322 8059 for US users, + 1 800 351 4940 for European users. Support email:
In addition, users are assigned a Personal Konto Manager to support them with problems, questions or concerns. These are standard support channels. MGID is not a small company, but it offers comparatively quicker and more helpful support than some of the biggest players in the advertising network arena.

Editor’s MGID Review for Publishers

One of the major challenges facing MGID is to make sure that potential users can comply with other ad networks, mainly Google AdSense. 

The network complies with AdSense at the time of this writing, but it is in the best interests of the publisher to check TOS on any advertising platform on the publisher. If uncertain, double check and disable your account manager's email or instant notification.
That's the next remarkable MGID point. Added to the already decent support options this network offers both publishers and advertisers, the inclusion of a personal account manager is a good idea. 

Phone calls are sent back relatively rapidly and emails will be answered— you may receive boiler plate answers depending upon what you ask, but including an account manager means you are able to discuss the intricacies of your account and website with a real person. For large ad networks, this is rare.
Integration with MGID is simple, and customizing widgets does not stand out on your website design as a bad thumb. It is easy to create and manage widgets, and exporting settings to other widgets in minutes can occur if a placement doesn't work out( for example, going from a sidebar to a sub- item widget).
It is an interesting setup that you can play with both traffic exchange options and display ad options on the same platform and publishers might like to test out what is the most beneficial option. However, publishers that are hungry to click on without large amounts of traffic or traffic probably will not withdraw from their MGID revenues.
A test valued is MGID. It depends a lot on your niche, traffic statistics and personal objectives to see if or not it is a keeper.

Pros of Using MGID for Publishers

MGID has a lot going for it—over a decade of experience doesn’t hurt either.
  • Good customer service:  MGID answers requests relatively quickly and probably faster, via telephone or email, than some of the other advertising networks with which you may have worked. A twelve times the amount of traffic exchange systems, but MGID is an example for what customer service should look like – it is often non- existent for other traffic recycling settings.
  • Personal account manager:   The standard customer service with MGID is good, but an individual who requires some extra help or needs detailed Website- specific questions can be answered through the provision of a personal account manager— a number of major networks that are not available unless you are a huge expender or major editor.
  • Ease of integration:  Creating, customizing and integrating MGID widgets into your existing site design is easy.
  • Low minimum payment:   A relatively low minimum payment of USD $ 50 is provided by this network with PayPal and cable.
  • Surprisingly good administration panel:  
  • " Surprisingly," given that MGID has many options for recirculating and displaying traffic or ads by publishers. The network has nevertheless managed to integrate all these functions into one administrative panel that is easy to learn.

Cons of Using MGID for Publishers

MGID is not a bad option for publishers looking to participate in traffic or display ads. There are, however, a few reservations that one should remember:

  • Increased bounce rate possibleThe nature of traffic exchange services such as one provided by MGID to publishers means that you will send the traffic from your website— while, yes, it will be returned in the process of recirculation, it must be analyzed for your own efficiency for your overall traffic strategy. Would your current users be better to retain, or is your information good enough to hook up new users?

  • Ad relevance could be fine tuned: 
  • The pertinence of advertisements and traffic displays may be slightly better. MGID displays the "top Internet history" which can be slightly better while attractive to many audiences if you have more sophisticated options to make the content as relevant as possible in the interests of your audience.
  • Low earning potential: 
  • An RPM of 1- 3 dollars is not terrible, but most publishers are expected to earn at the bottom. MGID display advertisements and similar networks are ideal for large- duty publishers and click- through audiences.
  • Few payment options: 
  • The payment options outside the bank cables and PayPal would be nice but fair are probably the methods of payment that most publishers prefer.

Final Thoughts

MGID is a fantastic network to test — as previously mentioned, it will depend largely on your unique situation and typical goal scenario whether you decide to stay with their widget approach to advertising and traffic exchanges. The good news is that it is not complicated if MGID is for you– the super- average customer service, simple interface usage and intuitive widget management and adaptation all help to set up and integrate the functions of this network.

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