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Propeller Ads Review: Is It a Scam? 2019 upcoming update

Propeller Ads Overview is a UK-based advertising network that promises its customers to be the industry's simplest and most efficient medium.
 They have created a way forward to bridge the gap between advertisers and publishers since 2011.
 It ensures that its customers receive 100 percent traffic in countries that produce most CPM, namely America, Canada, Great Britain and Australia. 
They understand the different needs of both advertisers and publishers and have therefore developed user-friendly and innovative solutions that can be easily advertised for one purpose 


Propeller ads have been a "trustworthy source of traffic "for some time now. This means that it has an earlier template and is an integral part of the recent marketing activities of Voluum, including mutual promotion on both platforms and even discount vouchers.

 For example, Propeller recently offered a 25 percent discount for 6 months on Voluum subscription. Go ahead: Section tracking 
Regarding your campaign's URL toks: Again, very simple. This can be repeated, right? From now on, everything is very basic and simple until I tell you otherwise, okay? Propeller Ads has an external ID token, area ID and field ID token. I said, brother. It's easy! 
You know the drill: you’ve got the setup in place.
Now, let’s go to the campaign creation stage!

Campaign Creation

Create Campaign

Finally, for a pricing model, you have something to explain in more detail. Two models can be selected: SmartCPA and CPM. The first is your basic Mile Cost, CPM. SmartCPA is now becoming interesting. What's this other price model all about? It's basically an algorithm that automatically optimizes your campaign. The purpose? You need to increase your conversions, of course! It uses machine learning to match the offer with users interested in its content. How does it work? First, Propeller Ads carries out a test campaign to evaluate your offer's performance. You'll set a conversion price here, and Propeller Ads suggests your first CPA campaign.
If you want more traffic, you can always increase your conversion price. If your campaign is good, you will have an optimized CPA campaign after this testing period, which means that you will only use it to convert and not to impress a CPA performance model. 
Dull, all right? But here's the first catcher, you should only consider using this model if you have an offer that you already know will work very well. If it is successful, only if you have already completed the test will you pay for completed conversions. If, on the other hand, the test failed, it will be necessary to cover the costs of impressions generated for the test. 
If you go for this model, you will have a certain step in creating your campaign "Test Period Settings. " When the time comes, I'll explain it carefully. Don't be concerned! I'm here for you! Next: In principle, the destination URL is inserted into the URL of your campaign.

 The checkbox below allows you to choose to turn on or off "TrafficBoost. " This is an option that Propeller 's partners can also target traffic. Since the network is already quite decent for most GEOs, I suggest you start this unchecked option. If you needed it, you could check it later. Next option? Our dear old friend's capping frequency, so here's nothing special. Select the deactiva box or check it 

Countries & Bid

The name is quite self- explaining. This is the time for you to target the country or countries and also your offer. Here you can also select a worldwide or a particular continent from the preset selections.

Advertising Budget

Your total budgets for your daily and campaign. Nothing more, nothing less. Nothing more.

Campaign Schedule

Another old friend of ours: dayparting. Nothing new to see here.


Here's the nice part to choose the specific targeting of your campaign. 

The first thing you have to decide is whether it is Simple or Advanced. Choosing the "Simple" option will allow you to quickly select common targeting options, for example "All Mobile," or "All Android." Check it out!- Check it out!
You can check for more granular options if you go to the advanced one. In fact, the first thing you need to do is influence the entire process: This is the type of connection. It can be "Every type," 3G, 4G and wireless connectivity. You can then begin to create your targeting. There's a great practical thing on the platform: a little switch to choose "Add" or "Exclude."
This will basically mean that you’ll either create a whitelist or a blacklist.
First, the Operating Systems target can be set. Go to the type, versions and devices of the current operating systems. You will find here a significant flaw that I must point out: Propeller Ads have a number of serious parameter limitations. First of all, specific versions of the OS can be targeted. But only the main general version can be targeted. You can target Android 4 or 5, but not for example 4.1, 4.3 and 5.2.
The problem is even larger for devices! In fact, you can only add iPhone or iPod when you select the option' Add' for the device type phone. You get some other options, if you choose the "Exclude" option for the same type, but it will not be very helpful: For instance, Amazon Kindle or Sony PlayStation. Okay, it's okay! No targeting devices such as Samsung or LG. In my honest opinion, that's a little strange. The AM I contacted however ensured that the ad network would work on this and that other options would be available soon. I certainly hope so! 

I certainly hope so!
Things work quite well for ISP targeting. I could only find one small problem: you must choose the "3 G" option at the beginning to target a specific ISP. This means that you can't choose a specific ISP for carrier traffic if you choose the "all" option– which can give you both 3 G and Wi- Fi traffic. 

You can do just as I have done, creating separate campaigns, one only for Wi- Fi and the other only for 3 G– if you want to target both of those kinds. But you should divide them into various campaigns( what we're going on and on here at the Mobidea Academy!)
You have the option to target Proxy traffic afterwards. I checked the option "Not Proxy" and I recommend that you do the same thing. You will then have browser targeting options. Some browsers and browser languages are to be added or excluded.

 A very important option is the next: area restriction. You will list your positionings or zone IDs in a whitelist or blacklist. You can add zone IDs separated by commas in that field once you start to receive statistics for your campaign. This is it! This is it!
To be done with this part, you’ve got the option of getting traffic from Anti-AdBlock zones.
I’d keep that checked, as it states that it can actually bypass ad blockers and get you that sweet, saucy traffic!

Test Period Settings

As I said previously, this is the part that is going to be active for SmartCPA users. On the test budget limit, you can determine how much you are prepared to spend for the test period to which I have already referred. The larger the budget, naturally, the more investments and combinations are tested. 

Then you have the "Slice Limit"– it's the maximum number of impressions you want to test for each GEO ad zone. This allows you to limit the number of impressions received by huge area volumes to prevent them from eating your entire budget to enable you to test other areas. For mobile and desktop you can set this limit individually.

Optimization & Stats

As I have stressed before, Propeller Ads does not offer other stats on its platform, so it really requires users to have a tracking platform if they want to optimize nothing but conversions by zone. 
It's not that this does so much today, as –as I have mentioned –it still has obvious limitations on its targeting. The optimization process is almost exclusively focused on areas and( slightly perhaps) on operating systems or browsers. Why does this happen? 

Since Propeller Ads is clearly flawed as I said, especially in operating systems and devices in terms of targeting options.
Probably, you’ll check on your tracker and you’ll notice a device like, let’s say, Samsung performing quite poorly.
But guess what?
Unfortunately, you won’t be able to cut it.
That’s a bit annoying.
Therefore, a great part of your optimization process will be blacklisting or whitelisting zones.

Propeller Ads – Traffic Redux

Propeller Ads is certainly a solid source of popularity, which in the last few years has become much more popular. There is a lot of authentic traffic with cool features and a functioning platform. Regarding the quality of traffic, I would say it is among the best of the pop networks. You can convert it faster than Ayrton Senna, if you play your cards! Some aspects could be improved, as always. 

One of the main points I want to mention is the approval process of the platform. Don't get me wrong. Normally it is pretty fast, but there are definitely certain problems with coherence. To understand what I am talking about, I will give you an example.
Why is this so? On this situation I contacted Propeller Ads. The employee's reason? Since I had a premium account, it was soon approved both for the creative and the campaign. 

Yet, to say the least, this situation was unpleasant. Something else true? I know people who presented creative artists who have previously approved and had a campaign. However, they were rejected when they tried to launch another campaign with the EXACT creators. What does that mean? What does that mean? 

This means that the approval process of the network should certainly be more consistent so that anybody is prevented from experiencing unpleasant situations.
I also faced some traffic distribution problems while running certain tests.

 For quite some time traffic had been frozen, then suddenly I received a lot of traffic. It was a bug later fixed by the network.

 Hopefully, it will not continue, because this can like nothing else ruin optimizations! In addition to these issues, the targeting deficiencies, which I mentioned before, should be improved as soon as possible!

Propeller Ads: Offers & Verticals

  • Ad Types: Exclusively pops
  • Cost Model(s): CPM and SmartCPA
  • Verticals: Mainstream

Propeller Ads: Payment & Investment

  • Minimum Deposit: $100 for credit cards and $1000 for Wire Transfers
  • Funding Methods: Debit/Credit Cards (Visa/Mastercard) and Wire Transfers

Propeller Ads: Support

  • Personal Account Manager: Yes!
  • Support Response Speed: Good
  • Support Rating: Good
  • Contact Methods: Send the ticket to your support centre. In case you can't find a response there, you should present yourself a ticket)( The propeller ads has a quite large database of knowledge).

Make Money On Propeller Ads

I know that every business has weaknesses and ad networks are no different. Nevertheless, I have to recognize that Propeller Ads is a good platform for someone seeking great pop traffic.
 It's straight to the point, and you probably have the necessary traffic. I hope you enjoyed my Propeller Ads review and truly believe you are ready for Propeller Ads right now!
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