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Saturday, 1 December 2018

11 Travel Hacks to Make Your Trip to India Even Better

11 Travel Hacks to Make Your Trip to India Even Better

Traveling these days requires no extensive planning with the advent of growing technology.

It only demands a desire to escape routine life and to explore a new place. Since these essential hacks could come into play if you are looking to cross India, the land of saints.

Order vegetarian food

In Indian food, you find that most of the dishes are pure vegetarian. There is also non vegetarian food, but it is sold at a much higher price.

 So it's wise to order this latter, if you are budgeting rigorously, unless you want to try some non- vegetarian speciality. It is also recommended to go vegetarian, because India offers many delicious options. 

Non- vegetarian options on the other hand are limited and beef is strictly non- negative. We therefore recommend that you get used to veggies and cooks.

Buy souvenirs from street markets

The Indian arts and crafts scene is very popular and you find a great variety of crafts here when you visit different countries and regions. You probably would like to take some souvenirs back as a souvenir. 

But from where are you supposed to buy this? Shops for remembrance? No, not that. You should go to the local street markets to buy Indian best souvenirs– in markets they are much less expensive than in souvenir stores. 

Another additional hack is explore markets at the end of the evening, because it is time to wrap it in when things get robbed.

Perfect your bargaining skills

Whether it's shopping for domestic products, food, food or transport, tourists from abroad are always listed at a higher or double price. 

We would therefore advise you to prepare yourself and practice perfectly your negotiation skills. In order to find the correct price for something, look for the same product in different shops– you may find price rates that are different, helping you to decide the most likely price.

Always carry cash

Although India is progressing progressively and becoming bargaining, this growth is now only seen in urban cities and in large stores or outlets. 

There are no online payments and debit or credit cards available on street markets or in rural towns, other smaller settings or even for local transport. 

So just ensure that you always have enough cash to save yourself from the hassle of payment.

Avoid purchasing bottled water

Water is always what you need during your trip. But not every place has good mineral water necessarily. Even if mineral water is bottled, the transport of a number of it will make your baggage heavy and also cost a lot.

 For this reason, you should carry a filter for water with you, either as a battery- powered steriPEN or a filter water bottle from LifeStraw. Both equivalent to an aquaguard in tap water purification. There is also a safe drinking option, even if you run out of mineral water.

Don’t fall for travel agents’ gimmicks

People plan to go to India generally with the assistance of a travel agent or company. A list of places to see and things to do is then provided to them. 

To best look at the country, you must, however, explore on your own the streets, lanes and small establishments and take part in some free activities that are not part of your journey. 

Make sure you do your little research on reservations, flights and hotels, otherwise you will pay much more instead of relying entirely on the travel agent.

Don’t always rely on Google Maps

Google Maps is a progress we love everybody. It saves us from the difficulty of forgetting routes and asking for guidance. 

But you may not want to google maps in India too frequently. This is due to the absence of a mark on extreme interior or suburbs. So you better ask the locals to get to a place as they know the best route.

Opt for guest houses over hotels

Hotels are usually located where people prefer to be in foreign destinations during their trips. 

Guesthouses can, however, be a cheaper and more convenient choice. They are equipped with all major amenities for a affordable stay. Guest houses are a more viable option if you're on a month- long trip to India.

Take trains for cheap travels

Except when you go from one end of the country to another, trains are the cheapest way of transportation. Tariffs are 30% less than the single- way ticket cost. You can also sleep comfortably if you board a train at night and save the price of the room in a hotel. In addition, train travel is a bit more advanced than simply having a cheap price. 

Fun, watching the countryside, meeting new people and even time to read or plan places to visit on your next destination.

Take state transport buses for intercity travel

State transport buses are one of the best options for traveling from one city to another. Obviously you can rent a taxi, rent a car, or book a Uber or a Ola cab, but that costs more than a ST bus. 

The bus will take you to places where it can be hard to reach with a taxi, because it is managed by State transport. You can also chat and get to know the place that you are travelling with other local passengers.

Go for public transport in small cities

In small towns in India, transportation options compared to urban areas are rather limited. 
Taxis are not always available and also taxis are seldom visible. You should therefore consider taking the rickshaw car or cycle.
 There is also a local bus that you can choose to use. Public transport modes like these are easy to use and ensure you reach your destination.

Topic:-11 Travel Hacks to Make Your Trip to India Even Better

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