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BHIM app review: Good effort but still messy

After having struggled with my MTNL mobile network everywhere in the city to use PayTM at shops that would accept payment through the app, my enthusiasm for digital transactions apps such as the new, much vaunted BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) app was, to say the least, not high. But for the purpose of this review, I used the app in a wi-fi area to ensure my phone had a stable internet connection, and as with PayTM, it (mostly) does what it advertises. I was able to send money.
The app is only available for Android users, and is not available on the Apple App Store. I downloaded the BHIM app from the Android Play Store on my Moto G phone. It’s a small file that downloads and installs quickly. The app (available only in English and Hindi) requires a passcode to access and allows you to set one up as you use it for the first time. Once I did that, I spent the next three minutes looking at a ‘Please Wait’ screen, before I shut down the app and restarted it. That seemed to fix whatever the problem was and it took me to the home screen that has three options – ‘Send’, ‘Request’, and ‘Scan & Pay’.
Below it are the ‘Transactions’, ‘Profile’, and ‘Bank Account’ tabs. To add your bank account, it only needs you to identify the bank in which you have an account and for which you intend to use this app (picked out of a list). A drawback here is that it allows the adding of only one account. This account can later be changed, but you cannot select payment from one of several of our accounts. Once you select your bank, it automatically fetches your account number and details by matching the number of your phone as the registered mobile number with the bank you selected.

Once I got over how much of my information is so easily available to be linked with each other and my bank account, I proceeded to try and send some money to a friend to try the app out. The first step here is to go to ‘Profile’ and create your UPI payment address. This is by default the phone number, but you can change it. Now to sending some actual money. This required the creation of a UPI PIN, something the app does not automatically guide you to do. After giving me four ‘Error Updating Balance’ messages, and much google-ing, I figured I would have to go to the ‘Reset UPI PIN’ option in my Bank Account and create one. Head’s up: this step needs the last six digits of your Debit Card and its expiry date.

Once that was done, paying money was simple. Add the Virtual Payment Address or registered mobile number of the person to who you want to send money (this will be verified before you can go further), enter the amount, put in some remarks, and hit ‘Pay’. All done.

Receiving money, on the other hand, proved to be a slightly bigger challenge. As luck would have it, the person I was sending money to has an iPhone. So, there was no question of transferring money through the BHIM app. So we tried sending money from that person’s bank UPI. Even after I had sent a request to receive money, the bank UPI at the other end refused to accept my Virtual Payment Address, even after several attempts. After blaming the Android/Apple platform differences for the problem, we realised that the Bank UPI could simply transfer the money to my account number, without the BHIM app mediating.
And if you thought my BHIM experience this morning was entirely humourless, think again. While struggling to transfer money without having changed my UPI PIN, and not knowing why my existing PIN wasn’t working, I tried the ‘Call Bank’ option at the bottom of the screen, impressed that the option existed. My bank is ICICI. The app called the IDBI Customer Care number.


As the government launched UPI facility in April 2016 many banks have released their UPI apps. Some Non-bank UPI apps are also available in the Android play store. One of them is flipkart’s PhonePe app. In this post, we will talk about the PhonePe app and its features. So, let’s start with introduction.

PhonePe is called India’s first UPI app. It is first launched by two ex flipkart employees Sameer Nigam and Rahul Chari as a semi-closed mobile wallet. In March 2016 , flipkart bought this app from them. Then in August 2016 flipkart launched it as a mobile wallet cum UPI app. Flipkart made a partnership with Yes Bank to integrate UPI facilities in PhonePe. That is why the virtual payment address of this app ends with @ybl.

How To Download PhonePe App

The Phonepe App is available at google playstore. You can directly search Phonepe App to get the download link. The company is promoting it heavily thus you can see the Phonepe ad once you search for a UPI app.

Ease of use and Speed

PhonePe’s clean user interface makes it an easy to use app. You do not need to ding around to find a service in PhonePe. All its services are listed in its home screen. You can enjoy any of its services in two or three clicks only. It also guides users at every step. Hence transactions become more easy for users.
The speed of the app is also great. It takes no time to start and transactions are also faster. I have tried many apps like SBI UPI app and Axis Bank UPI app. But PhonePe beats almost every other app in terms of speed.


PhonePe provides two layers of security to its users. The first layer is mobile number and second is MPIN. When you first install and use PhonePe, it authenticates your mobile number. It asks you to set your MPIN if not already set. If you change your mobile phone, you will not be able to use PhonePe. This goes for mobile number also. If you remove your registered SIM card, the app will stop working. It only works when your registered SIM card is inserted in your authenticated mobile phone.
Also, you cannot perform any transaction without MPIN. So, if you lost your mobile phone, don’t worry. You are safe because MPIN is needed for every transaction and only you know your MPIN. Keep in mind, never ever disclose your MPIN to anybody for security of your account.

Features of PhonePe App

PhonePe has a large number of great features. The most important feature of the app is UPI support. PhonePe’s UPI feature is not limited to sending and receiving money only. You can use its UPI feature to pay for many other services.
As PhonePe is not just a UPI app but a mobile wallet also. You can use it to pay your bills, recharge and even to pay insurance premiums. Also, you can send money to another PhonePe wallet using QR code. All these transactions can be done using UPI as well as debit and credit cards.
The main features of PhonePe app are listed below:
  1. Send money to contacts, VPAs and bank accounts
  2. Request money from contacts and VPAs
  3. Split bills between contacts or VPAs
  4. Recharge mobile, datacard and DTH
  5. Pay electricity, landline, broadband and gas bills
  6. Pay insurance premiums
  7. Pay to persons or at stores having PhonePe app installed
  8. Buy Digital Gold through Phonepe. You can also take delivery.
Some more UPI specific features are also there such as balance enquiry, set MPIN, change MPIN and reset MPIN.

Send Money To Contacts

This is a special facility of Phonepe. You can send money to your contacts without knowing their VPA or account number. The transaction takes place on the basis of phone number.  However, you get this convenience only if the recipient have PhonePe app in the phone. If not, the transaction would be failed. On the other hand your contact would get a message to install PhonePe. Thus, this feature also works as a smart promotion strategy.

QR Code and FAQ

PhonePe has some bonus features along with all basic features. One of them is generating your own QR code to receive payments with a single tap. For other apps, you have to visit the to generate QR code . It is a good option to have especially for small shopkeepers.
PhonePe is also available in other languages. You can choose Hindi, Marathi, Bengali and Tamil as well.
Another amazing feature of PhonePe is its FAQs section. It contains the answers for almost all the questions people may ask about MPIN, UPI and the PhonePe app. Moreover, it guides you through the app when you first use the app with popup screens. That makes the app very easy to operate. It also provides the customer care support through the chat facility.


There are too many mobile wallets and top UPI apps available to use. Most of them are well established such as Paytm, freecharge, SBI pay and Axis pay. But PhonePe stands strong in front of all these apps. It has over 1 million installs and 4.2 star rating on android play store. The app has all the basic features along with some amazing unique features. It is fast, secure and easy to use mobile wallet cum UPI app. It supports regional languages as well. All these makes it a must have app.

Google Tez UPI Payment App Launched – Review, Features, and Offers

Cashing on the booming digital payment industry, Google launched a digital payment app called TEZ, in India. The UPI-enabled e-payment app is available for both Android and iOS platform and supports UPI payments via all major banks in India including SBI, Stan C, ICICI, HDFC and Axis bank.

Tez App Features

  • The UPI Payment feature allows a user to make payment directly from the bank account instead of adding it first to the app wallet.he app also comes with a “Cash Mode” that makes transaction quickly with nearby Tez users via “audio pairing”, without subletting the mobile number or scanning the QR code. This works somewhat like shareIt. The sender selects Pay option and the receiver selects ‘Receive’ option.
  • The App also allows you transfer money between your different bank accounts.
  • Apart from UPI, you can also use account details to transfer your money.
  • The app also comes with a “Cash Mode” that makes transaction quickly with nearby Tez users via “audio pairing”, without subletting the mobile number or scanning the QR code. This works somewhat like shareIt. The sender selects Pay option and the receiver selects ‘Receive’ option.
  • The app supports a number of regional languages like Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu.
  • To protect the user from cyber-frauds the app is 24/7 protected by Tez shield. The feature prevents the app from hacking and ask for verification each time a user makes a transaction. Each transaction is secured with your UPI PIN and the app is secured with a Google PIN or fingerprint.
  • Google is also offering a number of Cashback, Referral, and other rewards to lure new users into trying the app.

Tez App for Business

To gain a foothold in business activities and promote e-transaction there too, the app comes with the Business channel feature. This way the companies can create a custom business channel and target directly to customers with their product and share offers and deals with them, all from within the app.
The feature also lets you accept payments up to Rs. 50,000 per month for your business using UPI without any additional fee or charges.
Google has also partnered with Bus ticketing service RedBus, PVR Cinemas, Domino’s Pizza, DishTV and Jet Airways are launch partners, and several other popular services to boost its usage.

Google Tez Payment app review

Google’s Tez app has a smart and intuitive interface. However, it’s simply not very Tez(or fast). Google has provided with a nice set of features, but you can also find these in other UPI apps like PhonePe as well.
Since Google is at the software helms, earning consumer trust shouldn’t be a problem. You can also add your own PIN for additional security while setting up the app.
One unique feature of the App is Cash Payment mode which you can use to Pay or to accept Payment with nearby devices without revealing or sharing your phone number or any other detail. However, It took us 5 to 6 attempts before we could successfully pay money using this particular payment mode.
You can still try it now and avail promotional offers and cash-backs, and we do expect that app to run a lot better after the first few updates.

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