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Thursday, 20 December 2018

East Champaran a goon to visitor,

East Champaran is an administrative district in the state of Bihar in India. The district headquarters are located at Motihari.

Places To See In East Champaran

East Champaran, an administrative district of Bihar, is blessed with lush green surroundings and myriad tourist attractions. The district is significant in terms of mythology as well as history, making it a delight for those interested in the past. Efficient means of transport and good connectivity with other parts of the state has made East Champaran one of the frequented tourist spots of Bihar. Let us learn about the places to see in East Champaran.

Motihari is the district headquarters of East Champaran. Its historical importance makes it a must-visit place. Motihari has been regarded as the springboard for Indian’s independence. In April 1917, Mahatma Gandhi visited the place and his sincere efforts sent a wave of enthusiasm and inspired the people to participate in the freedom struggle. A number of trains connect Motihari to other parts of the state.

Kesaria is situated in the East Champaran district, on the eastern banks of the Gandak (or Narayani) River. The place houses the tallest Buddhist stupa ever excavated. The 104 feet tall stupa immediately attracts tourists’ attention. Kesaria has already attained a prominent position in the history of Buddhism. According to some records, Lord Buddha stayed in Kesaria for a night, when he was on his way from Vaishali to Kushinagar.

Huseni is a lake situated 53 km away from Motihari and 8 km from Kesariya Bazar. An ideal picnic spot, Huseni attracts a large number of birds.


Located 30 km to the southwest of Motihari, the village of Areraj has religious importance. It is abode of an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. A large number of people visit this temple in the month of Sawan (July-August). You may also go to explore the ancient Ashokan stone pillars in Lauriya village, which is located 2 km to the west of Areraj. The pillar was erected in 249 BC, is 11.5 meters high and has been carved out of single block of polished sandstone.

Sitakund is a village located 16 km to the southeast of Motihari. The village serves as the site of the remains of an ancient fort. The monument is an irregularly shaped structure, 450 ft long on each side, with large round bastions at the corners and in the middle of each face. A holy tank is located inside the fort. According to a legend, Sita, (the wife of Lord Rama) bathed here.

Sitakund serves as the venue of a mela that is held on the occasion of Ramnavami, on an annual basis. Thousands of pilgrims throng this mela and pay their respects to Lord Ram and Sita Mata. There are a large number of temples in the vicinity of the fort, of which the main one enshrines the images of Sun God, Lord Hanuman and Lord Vishnu. There is also an image of Ravana, two images of Ganesh and a carving of Mahishamardini or Durga, killing a buffalo demon.

East Champaran, a managerial locale of Bihar, is honoured with the rich green environment and cheap vacation spots. There are many Tourist Places in East Champaran. The locale is huge as far as folklore and also history, making it a joy for those inspired by the past. Proficient methods for transport and great availability with different parts of the state has made East Champaran one of the frequented visitor spots of Bihar. Give us a chance to find out about the spots to find in East Champaran.

Situated in the province of Bihar, East Champaran is a dazzling traveller goal and is a verifiable area which has seen a few developments in the seasons of yore. It is an authoritative region and is a serene region and is celebrated regarding its history and folklore. The name “Champaran” is gotten from the word ‘Champa-Aranya’, a name which can be followed back to the time when the area was a zone of the timberland of Champa (Magnolia) trees and in addition the habitation of single self-denial.
The city is one of the frequented visitor spots of Bihar. East Champaran Travel control is deficient without a say of its rich social and profound inheritance. It is the second most populated city in the state after Patna and involves a territory of 3968 square Kms. Rice, Sugar Cane, Jute; Lentis are a portion of the real money yields of the area.



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