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Some important Economic concept and terminology you should know for exam !

There are too many ECONOMIC TERMS, A person should know who are preparing for any exam as like UPSC, BPSC AND ANY other government jobs or National level  exam. Exclusive for those who were asked gk and gs. These terms are
  1. Abuse of Dominance:- A situautsi when a dominant firms/company is engaged in promoting it's market position in 'anti-competitive' bussiness practice, such as - predatory price squeezing, charging unreasonable price and etc.
  2. ACTIVITY RATE:- The labour force of a country is known as the activity rate or participation rate.
  3. ADRs:- ADR stands for american Depository Receipt, which enables investors based in the USA to invest in non-USA companies trading on non stock exchanges.
  4. ADS CONVERSION OFFER:- Conversion of local shares into American Depository Shares (ADS) of a company is called an ADS of a company is called ADS conversion offer.
  5. Adverse Selection:-. It can be a problem when there is an asymmetry in information between the seller and buyer of an insurance policy.
  6. Agriculture Extension:- Agriculture extension is a proper approach to motivate people to help themselves by applying agriculture reserch and devlopment, in their daily lives in farming, home making, and community living.
  7. AGRICULTURAL LABOUR:- A person works on another's land for wages.
  8. Alpine convertible bond:- Alpine convertible bond is a foreign currency convertible Bond issued by an Indian company exclusivly to swiss investor.
  9. AMMORTISATAM:- Payment of loan in installment by the borrwoer.
  10. Andean pact:- A regional to establish a common market links.
  11. ANTITRUST:- A CATEGORY OF the government policy which deals with monopoly.
  12. Appreciation:- it is increase of price of assets or currency.
  13. ARBITRAGE:- Earning profit out of price difference of the same product in different market. Ex- buy from one country And sell in another country.
  14. ARCs :- Assets reconstruction Companies (ARCs) acquire non-performing assets from financial institution along with the underlying securities mortgage and/or hypothecated by the borrowers to the lender.
  15. Assets:- a physical or non-physical thing that have value.
  16. ASSIGNED REVENUE:-  it is use to refer tax or duties collected by government.
  17. AUTARKY :- The idea of self sufficiency of any country.
  18. BACKWARDNESS:- Stern of future which means a commodity is valued today.
  19. Back-To-Back Loan:- a tern of international banking, is an arrangement under which two firm in diffrent economy borrow each other's currency.
  20. BAD BANK:-  a bank created specially to buy bad debets that is NPA(NON PERFORMING ASSETS).
  22. Badla:- An indian term for contango associated with the trading system in the stock market  which is a postponement of trade.

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