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Sunday, 2 December 2018

What are the precious things British stole from India before 1947?

What are the precious things British stole from India before 1947?

1. Sultanganj Buddha

In 1861, in Sultanganj, a city of Bhagallpur district of Bihar, during building of railways a complete Buddha- statue weighing around 500 kg was found. 

The railway engineer E.B Harris, who found it, immediately sent it to Birhimgham. The statue belongs to the period between AD 500 and 700 according to the archeologists. Today, in the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery( BMAG), you find this Indian piece of art.

 2. Nassak Diamond

In the Amaragiri Mine in Mahbubnagar, the Nassak Diamond– The Eye of the Idolwas found Telangana in India. 

The diamonds were cut off in India and remained in the temple of the Shiva of Trimbakeshwar, Nashik in Maharashtra from 1500 to 1817. But the British East India Company acquired and sold the Indian diamond to British joy- makers during the Anglo- Marathá War of 1818.
The blue, translucent and grossly pyramid- formed diamond was imported to the United States from Britain in 1927. 

The Nassak Diamond Diamond is now estimated to have been $ 3,06million, and was bought by US jewelry artist Harris Winston in 1940 and now by some Edward J. Hand who bought the diamond in the New York market in the year 1970 for $ 500,000.

The British forces pillaged Tipu Sultan's ring and sword following the heroic murder of Mysore Tiger –Tipu Sultan. Both Tipu Sultan's war trophies had been displayed in the British Museum until 2004, and Vijay Mallya submitted a prize bid for the Sultan's sword of £ 175 000 and returned it to the Indian soil. He then also purchased 30 other articles of war( for an investment of £ 1 million) from the UK auction houses belonging to Tipu Sultan, including carved warehouses. Cannon pistols and other personal items Flintlock

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