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Saturday, 26 January 2019

Adbuff ads review: what to do for high earning

What is adbuff?

Adbuff is publishing and advertising ads network. While going through Adbuff review we find that Adbuff is an ad-exchange network use to work with worlds biggest network such that Google Doubleclick Ads exchange, Pulsepoint, criteo, ALON and many more. 

These biggest Ads network helps to determine or ensure that Adbuff will get best CPM rates for the Ads zone. As this ad-exchange help to gain 50-60%. More revenue from ads blocks.

Why Efasand like Adbuff while doing a review?

  1. Adbuff has a real-time dashboard for Advertiser as well as the publisher.
  2. Adbuff uses to provide 100% fill rate.
  3. Debuff believes every publisher is unique, therefore dedicated ads manager for every Adbuff publisher.
  4. Debuff shares 90% of total revenue with the publisher.
  5. Debuff has a variety payment platform to pay publishers such as Paypal, WebMoney, and many more.
  6. Clean Ads i.e no popups, all ads are for family.
  7. Individual targeting for the ads.
  8. Adbuff has 97% customer satisfaction.

What Efasand is not liked after doing a review:-

  1. Adbuff only accepts the site that mainly contains the English Language.
  2. Adbuff focus on mainly tier 1 countries.

Adbuff interface for the publisher:-

Adbuff interface Is simple to use for use for the publisher.

The requirement of Adbuff for becoming a publisher:-

  1. No free host I.e blogspost, WordPress or 2.0 website.
  2. No streaming website I.e video site
  3. No faucet site.
  4. No download site.
  5. No excessive ads in page i.e more than four per page.
  6. More than 2k unique visitor per day
  7. Only English page only.
  8. Traffic only from Us/Australia/Uk/Canada.
  9. Google analytic installed.
7,8 term are for adbuff but it provide alternative as adtear.

                         Link to signup

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