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Thursday, 31 January 2019


Adsterra review

In the era of The Adsense and media.net we might forget some small player like Adsterra.

Now get ready for the Address review

When you will enter the website  you will find this booklet

Adsterra unique feature:-

While do review of Adsterra we find that Adsterra is performance based network offer 10+ billion impression per month in approx 190 countries.

Till today Adsterra has successfully completed 20k ads campaign and total of 6000k Leads every month.

Firstly, Adsterra offer personal account manager, There is also CPM BASED CONVERSATION TRACKING.

One thing we find during the Adsterra review, that is Adsterra provide in house as well as third party remote detection for the fraud.

Get instant or ReAl time ads reporting system.

Premium partners of the Adsterra

  1. Daraz.pk
  2. Jabong.com
  3. Jumia
  4. LAZADA Group
  5. Linio
  6. Matomy media group
  7. MobiVista
  8. Plarium
  9. Slots heaven
  10. Star games

Steps to earn from Adsterra

Step 1:- Register with Add terra
Step 2:- place code in website
Step 3:- get reviewed from website

About Adsterra Ads:-

  1.  100% fill rate by Adsterra
  2.   Highest CPM rate  comprebale to Adsense or media.net
  3. Adsterra provide 100% safe Ads
  4.  Effective Ads format 
  5. On time payment

Ads format offered by Adsterra

While Adsterra review  we find

For Desktop (Adsterra)

  • Display Banners (leader board, rectangle, skyscraper)
  • Pop-unders
  • Interstitials
  • Direct Links
  • Video Banners

For Mobile(Adsterra)

  • Display Banners (leader board, rectangle and skyscraper)
  • Sticky Footer
  • Pop-unders
  • Interstitials
  • Direct Links
  • Push-up Ads
  • Video Banners

Targeting Options available at Adsterra

Geographic, Purchase-based, Re-targeting, Site-Specific

Payment Rules for Adsterra

Bitcoin, ePayments, Paxum, PayPal, Payza, Internet and WireTransfer options are all available. Payments and rules are: 

  1. PayPal — Adsterra charges no fees, but PayPal itself can charge 3- 5 percent of the transaction. The fees and the rules of the transaction include the following. 
  2. Bitcoin — The 0.1% commission for Bitcoin transactions is used by Adsterra. Please note that Bitcoin rates are highly unstable and are changing constantly.
  3. 0.8% of the total amount payable by Adsterra( maximum $ 50). 
  4. Paxum— A fixed fee of $ 1 per transaction will be charged to Adsterra. 
  5. Epayments— No money transfers charge Adsterra. No fees for loaded money will be charged for epayments. Unluckily, users from some countries( India, Pakistan, Egypt, Ecuador, Nigeria, Vietnam, Myanmar) can not accept payments. If your country is in the blacklist you can ask Epayments ' customer support.
  6. Payza– No fees will be applied to Adsterra, but Payza may charge 4% of the total transaction. — 
  7. Adsterra charges $ 50 for transfers of USD banks and $ 0 in transfers of EUR for banks. Valid documentation in English must be provided.
Minimum payout for PayPal, Bitcoin. The minimum payout is $ 1000. The minimum payout is $ 100 for webmoney, paxum, e- payments, payment is $ 1000. The minimum payout is 1000 Paypal, bitcoin, webmoney, paxum, e- payments, payment of Payzas is instantaneous. Transfers of wire typically come within 3- 4 working days.

Term and conditions for joining the Adsterra review

The terms and conditions of AdTerra are designed to maintain their network security and quality. Sites need to meet certain levels of traffic and must not have less than a rank of 1 MM Alexa.com, for example. 
  1. However, AdsTerra will check your application on a case by case basis, if your web site has a popular Facebook page or if you own another high- traffic page.
  2. Content must be included in the sites. In other words, maintenance or unavailability of sites is rejected. 
  3. Too many blank pages or sites with too few posts are also rejected. It is not possible to pack the website with advertising. 
  4. The sites may not have fifteen or more popunders. Popunder or banner farms are determined to be rejected.
  5. Some categories and site content are rejected. If any of the following applies AdsTerra will reject your website.
    • Sites that promote, enable, or connect to illegal activity (such as how to make drugs, how to commit crimes, etc). Site cannot link to other sites containing the promotion of illegal content.
    • Hacking and Phreaking
    • Site that promote hate based on race, religion, Ethnicity, or political affiliation.
    • Site that promote or enable the abuse, physical harm and defamation of others.
    • Sites that distribute Spam (unsolicited emails) or engage in chat and forum abuse, inappropriate newsgroup postings, or cyber-bullying.
    • Site with false advertising, altered link codes, illegal advertisements, and deliberate misrepresentation of promoted material.

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