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Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Adsupply review, cpm rates, minimum payout, minimum deposit

Adsupply review:-

Adsupply is ad network work from www.adsupply.com platform. According to Comscore adsupply came at 17% in total of 100% page view worldwide. 

Adsupply ecpm rates:-

Adsupply average ecpm is about .03$ per click. The average pay per click is high as about Adsense. The reason for this high CPC is that adsupply will also run video ads in the publisher's website.

  • Adsupply payment requirements:-

Adsupply refer to the 24-hour period for geeting verified. A requirement of 1k page view per day for the getting approved in the adsupply ads network. We can say Adsupply network will get verified and the website started to show ads from the adsupply network.

Adsupply revenue share:-

Adsupply will pay 50% percent from net amount paid by the advertiser to the network. We can also say Adsupply will have 50% partnership to the publisher. 

Minimum payout for the publisher by Adsupply network:-

While we are doing a review on the Adsupply network Efasand finds that there is a minimum payout for the publisher I.e 50$.

The drawback of the Adsupply network:-

The minimum payout is very high. Adsupply is a new publisher as well advertiser network.

Adsupply inference:-

The interfence is better and essay to use for new users as well as old user.

While doing our review on Adsupply has small publisher community, whereas adsupply has few hundred facilities or active ads campaign regularly. We can also say adsupply could not have 100% fill rate.

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