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Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Spotting error in the question:-

Spotting error in the question:-

  1. a) The scenery here is not good.
     b) I have lost my furnitures.
     c). We have received no information.
     d).  He told his mother this law.
  The Answer is (b) furniture is always singular as the sentence should:- I have lost my furniture.

2. a) Please excuse the trouble.
     b) He took pains over the work.
      c) In India, there are many poor.
     d) scouts wear shorts.
No error.

3.  a). I spent the holiday with my family.
     b). Gone him some blotting paper.
     c).  Write this in your notebook.
     d).  Gone my regards to all.

No error.

4.  a).  We had a good play of football.
      b).  We saw a play.
     c).  We like acting.
     d).  He is a tall man.

Error:- In the place of play there will game, play represent the whole class as it may be a theater or game.

5.   a). The boy was wearing a new suit.
      b). He took offence at this.
      c). Please put your sign here.
      d). Please put your signature here.

Error:-  In the place of the sign, their will signature in (c) sign stands for an object, quality, or event whose presence or occurrence indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else.

6.  a). He is my cousin brother.
      b). We are all brothers.
      c). I spent the middle of the day working.
     d). He had a large amount of money.
Error:- there is no sense of a cousin brother or cousin sister, there is the only cousin.

7.  a).  He got into bad company.
     b).  One of my servant tells me.
     c).   Some of my servants tell me.
     d).  The front of the house. 

Error:- (b) either in place of servant the there will servants or in place of a servant, there will be told.

8.  a).  I had a bathe in the sea.
     b). I have hurt a toe.
     c).  Each of these days play games.
     d).  None of us went.

Error:-  (c) In the place of play there will be plays.

9.   a).  A man should work hard.
      b). A man should not waste his time.
      c).  A boy should not waste his time.
      d).  Here is my cup; please fill it.
No error

10. a). Have you a pencil? I have not got one.
       b). Is he coming? Yes, I think so.
       c).  He enjoyed during the holidays.
      d).  I asked for my pencil but he did not give it to me.

Error:- (c) here holiday reflect about a period of time whereas during reflect the time cross in the holiday. So, during is omitted.

11. a). The boy who does best he will get a prize.
       b). Whoever does best get a prize.
      c).  Who did this? I.
      d).  He and I are brothers.

Error:- (a) he is omitted because he refers to the boy.

12. a). I went for a walk with some friends.
       b). He is wiser than I.
       c). The master tested the boy if he could read English.
        d). I shall see whether the break work well.

Error:-  (c) in the place of if there should be could.

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