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Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Trafficstars ads review: a new way to earn money |@trafficstars.com

Trafficstars overview:-

Trafficstars is ad network providing solutions to advertiser and publisher who wants to earn and invest money to boom it's buisness.

Trafficstars is a adult Ads network as like ADXXX ads network. Trafficstars provides native ads on the basis of CPM and CPC.


ADS network offered by TRAFFICSTARS are on the basis of CPM and CPC. This stands as both cpm stands for cost per mile and CPC stands for cost per click. 

What to do for sign up in the traffic stars network:-

Trafficstars network how to get admit in trafficstars network I.e Trafficstars after getting signup. 

You must go to next step,  i.e getting approved from the trafficstars network, trafficstars will approve the website case by case or manually.
Next step is that you have make or ADD SPOT OF THE NETWORK To the website.

What makes Trafficstars make unique:-

1. On time payment or instant payment by     PAYPAL, PAXUM OR WIRE TRANSFER.

2. Network fill rate is 100%

3. Location specific target.

4. Ads are supplied on HTTPS protocol that   mean high quality traffic.

5. Geographical data interpetion.

Codes used by the  trafficstars network.

Ads types served by the Trafficstars network.

  1. Display ads i.e BANNER ADS.
  2. Pop Under Ads.
  3. Instant Ads with the popunder.
  4. Apps ads 
  5. Types of ads on request.

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