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Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Fiitjee Talent Search exam :ALL ABOUT FTRE (SYLLABUS, CUTOFF)

FIITJEE Talent Reward Exam ( FTRE) 2019: syllabus, result, scholarship

The FIITJEE FTRE 2017 will be a FIITJEE Sponsored national talent exam for students. FTRE used to be taken for student between classes 5 and 11 at FIITJEE sponsored examination centers across the country.

On 23 December 2018 the FIITJEE FTRE exam takes place in 2018 calendar year. FIITJEE FTRE 2019 is aimed at identifying and rewarding talented students with cash scholarships and scholarship for waiving fees for courses on preparations for engineering and other entrance examinations at FIITJEE institute.

FTRE EXAMination shall have access to CASH and award PRIZE TO the students ' preparations and knowledge according to their score during the exam. By 23 December 2019, you can apply for FIITJEE FTRE 2019 in both version online and offline as well as on the mobile phone based app.

Steps for ftreDate
Offline Application Ends (payment by cash)23 December 2019
Offline Application Ends (payment by Post / Courier through DD / Pay Order)14 December 2019
FIITJEE FTRE Exam Date24December 2019 FIITJEE Talent Reward Exam ( FTRE )

Syllabus of FTRE:- 

Fiitjee talent search exam come with unique syllabus for each class as like class 10, class 9, class 11th, class 5th and many more...

Let's start the syllabus of FTRE (FIITJEE TALENT SEARCH EXAM)


     General science syllabus (FTRE):-

  •  World around us
  • Living and Non-Living organism
  • Our body - organ and their function
  • Diesease - cause and cure
  • Plants - Growth and stucture
  • Animals - Our friend
  • Force and work
  • Simple machine
  • The world of transport and communication
  • Natural resources
  • Natural Canaries
  • Our Universe

    Mathematics*( FTRE ):-

  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Percentage
  • Profit and loss
  • Angles
  • Triangles
  • Area and perimeter.
Above syllabus are given for class 5th, who are going to appear FTRE (FIITJEE TALENT SEARCH EXAM )

General science syllabus FTRE
  • Motion and measurement of distance
  • Light, shadow and reflections
  • Electricity and circuit
  • Fiber to fiberic
  • Sorting material into groups
  • Sperating of substance
  • Change around us
  • Water
  • Food : where does it come from
  • Component of food
  • Getting to known plant
  • Body movement

Ftre syllabus of maths for class 6th.

  • Knowing our number
  • Whole numbers
  • Playing with numbers
  • Integer
  • Algebra
  • Basic geometrical idea 
  • Fractions and decimal
  • Unity method, ratio and proportion
  • Mensuration
Above given syllabus are for class 6th free.

Let's start for 7th (FTRE)


General science syllabus for free class 7th.
  • Motion and Light
  • Electric current and it's effect
  • Light
  • Fiber to fiberic
  • Acid, Base and salt
  • Physical and chemical change
  • Soil
  • Nutrition in plant
  • Nutrition in Animal
  • Weather, climate and adaption of animal in weather.
  • Respiration  in organism
  • Transportation in plant and animal
  • Reproduction in plants.

Ftre syllabus of maths for class 7th.

  • Integer
  • Fraction and Decimal
  • Data Handling
  • Lines and angles
  • Triangle and it's properties
  • Cingurent triangle
  • Ratio and proportion
  • Rational Number
  • Compering quantities

Schoolarship of Fiitjee through FTRE:-

Though you all known that fiitjee is a private institute. Fiitjee offer scholarship for taking admision to fiitjee.

Ftre is known as FIITJEE TALENT SEARCH EXAM CUM scholarship cum addmission test to the fiitjee. 

Free cum FIITJEE does not give sum of money as reward but FIITJEE will deduct it from TUTION FEE.

Total fee through FTRE = tution fee + other devlopment fee apllied by fiitjee.

Lets start about Fee demanded by FIITJEE THROUGH FTRE.

  • 10 -20% IN FTRE - 5% TUTION WAVIER
  • 20 - 30% IN FTRE - 5- 10% TUTION WAVIER
  • 30- 40% IN FTRE - 10-15% TUTION WAVIER
  • 40 - 50% IN FTRE - 20- 25% TUTION WAVIER
  • 50 - 60% IN FTRE - 25- 50% TUTION WAVIER
  • 60 - 70% IN FTRE - 50 - 60% TUTIIN WAVIER
  • 70-80% IN FTRE - 60 - 80 % TUTION WAVIER
  • 80- 90% IN FTRE - 100% TUTION WAVIER
  • 90- 100% IN FTRE - 100% TUTION WAVIER
The abovove data is approx data though which FTRE (FIITJEE) USES TO OFFER to the application.

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