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Saturday, 9 February 2019

PopAds overview: trick How you can earn more @popads

PopAds overview or review

PopAds.net - The Best Popunder Adnetwork

PopAds overview:-

PopAds is tab-under, tab-up, pop-under, Pop-up network. PopAds serve General as well as Adult content.

Special in PopAds

Under our review of PopAds we find different special feature for Advertiser as well as publisher. Let's see where is unique in PopAds 

Publisher of PopAds:-

Under our review of PopAds we find these special features for publisher of PopAds:-
  1. Offer Liberal Terms:- under our PopAds review, we find PopAds does not require any traffic to get inrolled.
  2. Super Fast Payment:- Get paid within 24 hour, by the PayPaL, AlertPay or wire transfer.
  3. Real time reporting:- Under PopAds review we find that PopAds reporting is up to 6 hour delay.
  4. Offer Ads Rate control to the Publisher's
  5. Offer how many Ads shown per 24 hour.
  6. Offer daily, NET30, NET60 payment terms
  7. Offer Support under 24hours.

Advertiser of PopAds:-

Under PopAds review, we find these special terms for PopAds:-
  1. No Risk:- Advertiser can offer any time payment. Thus, you have any risk on advertiser.
  2. Advertiser has its own control to the Ads rate.
  3. Ads are safe, Ads are serve under HTTPS.
  4. Advertiser have control on quality and quality, over Ads.
  5. Payment to PopAds are done By PayPaL, AlertPay, Wire Transfer.

How to Use PopAds

Under our PopAds review we find three method to use the the PopAds. The Method are different for all three works as like 
  • Advertising on PopAds
  • Publishing on PopAds
SO, LET START THE METHOD to enhance our viewers to whether get admited to PopAds network or not..

How to Advertise from PopAds

Under Our PopAds review we find that PopAds we find under PopAds console or Advertiser Panel we find Dashboard, Ongoing campaigns, New Campaign, Reports, Inventory, Token Details and knowledge Base.


Under PopAds review, we find that DashBoard of PopAds contains Ads spending, total balance remain and active campaigns available to the website.

Ongoing Campaign of The PopAds

Under Our PopAds review Your Campaign section contains the Ongoing campaigns section Run By the Advertiser.


From PopAds review, we find Under Campaigns section of PopAds we find how user can run A new Campaigns.

Report section of Popads

From PopAds review, we find Under Report section, the report of Ads run by The user.

Inventory section of PopAds

From PopAds review, we find Under inventory section we find how many Ads slot are available to each country, average bids, maximmum bids and minimum bids of the advertiser.

PopAds for publisher :-

Under PopAds review, User have a look for Dashboard, Report, Websites, New Website code generator, Troubleshooter,Report Abuse, Knowledge Base, DMCA.

How to get Register to PopAds network:-

Under our PopAds network we find this method to get register to PopAds network by following methods:-
  • Get sign up To www.popads.net 
  • Go to New Website section.
  • You will get approved with in 24hour.
  • After getting approved to PopAds, you will go to code generator.
  • Generate code and get admited to Generate code

How to get manage the campaign:-

While we done PopAds campaign, we find these step to create PopAds Campaign:-

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