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Sunday, 10 February 2019

POPCASH: Overview How To earn more | high ecpm |

Popcash review:

There are too tab-up, tab-down, pop-up, pop-under network as like PopAdsHilltop ads, Trafficstars
Tubecorporate ads and many more out of these all series we find one more network that is Popcash ads network.
 Under Popcash review, we find that Popcash is a legit and High paying Pop-under network, minimum Popcash Ecpm is about .20$ on an average Popcash ecpm go to .45$.

Interface of Popcash

We have done too much review of the Ads network, But under Popcash review we find that Popcash interface or Publisher or Advertiser working Area is too Good.

As new user can work in Popcash too easily.

Why we like Popcash:-

  • The ecpm is too high
  • The fast and reliable payment system.
  • Real time intrigation
  • No Publisher requirements
  • 5$ advertisement threshold.
  • And many more.
While doing Popcash review we find that Publisher as well as Advertiser can login to same platform. The Popcash console contains 
  • Dashboard:- under review of this section we find That, Dashboard contains total earning, Referral earning, Life time earning and Last cash out.


  • Publisher console:- Under review of this section we find that, add website, added website, Report, Report history and Get code section.
  • Advertiser console:- Under review of this section we find that, This console contains Campaign, Campaign Report, Report History and traffic inventory.
  • Next all section contains Referral, Billing, account setting and profile section.

Note:- There is no requirement to get enrolled in the Popcash Publisher which is very good for small Publisher.

Note:- All ads are clean, secure and served in Https.

Note:- All ads are checked manually before serving to the Publisher.

How to optimize the Popcash campaign:-

There are many method to optimize campaign of popcash, steps to optimize the Campaign of Popcash:-

1. Go to campaign on Popcash website

2. When Popcash website loaded, click on     create campaign.

3.  When create campaign page loaded click on Campaign name put the name there. Fill all the columns in Popcash website as like Landing Url, Grand total budget, Daily budget, pricing in cpc as well as cpm method, website page detail(adult, sound, gambling, software) and start or close button.

4.  Next come, popcash Ads optimization, publisher should have to optimize or select the country to target with. Popcash also available to optimize in the basis of Carrier, Categories, device, software and many more.

Publisher overview or review on Popcash either to join Popcash or not?

If user are using Movie website, cyrptocurrency website, porn or any semi illegal website he/she must join Popcash as publisher. 
For Advertiser, if user need high volume of paid traffic with low investment then he/she must join Popcash as a advertiser.

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