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Monday, 25 February 2019

Starter Guide for new Trader: How to Earn more | Dekar Account

We usually see  while  reading of a newspapers, Sansex have reached  a level of 30,000 or 40,000. Price of Gold, aluminium has increased or decreased. This is all about Trading in the stock market. In india, there are NSE, BSE AND NIFTY are trading in day to day manner.

What is Trading on Stock market?

According to me Buying and Selling of Share in the Stock market is known as Trading. 

Actually, In Trading the Cost of Share unit of a company depends on Buying and selling demands in share market.

Who invest in the stock market?

Investor who Invest in the stock market are mainly small one (approx 90%). They are small bussiness man, Students and government job holder. Usually, Big business man or stock holder buy shares from the stock Holder.

Let's start with starter Guide for new share-market trader.

If we talk about new trader, most of them are small investors. These Small scale Investor invest money as the Investor from a current Bank Account and a Demat Account.

What is demat account?

For all transactions, Demat account number is quoted to permit electronic settlements of businesses. For the purposes of transactions, each shareholder will have a dematerialized account. The Internet password and the transaction password are necessary to access the Dematerialised account.

Advantage of a Demat Account:-

There are too many advantage of the Demat account. Some of the advantage of demat account are as follows:-

  •  Demat account are easy to hold
  • Immediately updates on Demat account
  • Low cost on trading.
  • Lower cost of delivery.


There is too many Demat account provide or Share market Broker in the world. Some of the provided Below:-

● Demat account offered By Bank:-

There are too many DEMAT account offered by running or regular Bank. Some of most Popular Demat provider (Bank):-


You get the added advantage of a Savings and Demat account, aside from the online trading advantage. Sbi Demat service run in the name of SBICAP SECURTIES. Let us know about it.

 SBI Demat Account Advantage: 

 Demat Account Internet Viewing: 

We supply your DP account web enabled for online viewing of your Demat account status. Your Demat account details, holding declaration, transaction statement, and account declaration can now be viewed online via www.onlinesbi.com.

If you are an SBI Bank Customer (Bank Account and Demat account holder) and want an Internet Banking ID, please download the internet Banking Form.

 For detailed information please click here. The completed form can be sent to your a / c savings bank branch, duly signed by all account holders. It could also be sent to the following address:

 If you're an Internet Banking User Id SBI Bank customer and hold other SBI Bank Accounts as well as Demat a/c, you can provide your branch with the user ID for Demat viewing.

Account opening Charges for SBI Demat & Trading.

When opening demat & trading accounts at SBI, you can choose from several plans. Most beginners are, however, inclined to the fundamental plan. The basic fee for opening the SBI demat and trading account is Rs 850 plus GST.


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