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Top Keyword and Optimization Research tools/website: Blogger or Vloger | An Interim idea

In today's world search engine as like Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo and many more. We Have to rank our specific Page on Specific Keyword.

The Process to Rank Page on Specific Keyword is Known as SEO(SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION).


There are two type of SEO


Top Keyword Research tools/website: Blogger or Vloger | an interim idea

Let start with on page SEO:-
There are too many type of tools or website where you can do research on your keyword, there are as like AHREF, KEYWORD FINDER, SEMRUSH AND MANY MORE.

THESE TOOLS help to get you to get long trail keyword, and these keyword help you to gain high rank or high search rank on the search engine. these Keyword help you to provide high CPC keyword. you often known  high search volume keyword are though you all known that cpc network works on DEMAND AND SUPPLY METHOD. THE KEYWORD HAVE HIGH VOLUME WILL HAVE HIGH CPC. RANK TO HIGH VOLUME KEYWORD ALL LET YOU TO GAIN HIGH VOLUME OF TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE.


There are too many keyword research tools present in our internet world. These all are usefull in there own face or region some of these keyword finder are given below 
The kwfinder is too popullar between YOUTUBER(VLOGER), BLOGGER AND NEWLY ESTABLISHED STARTUP. THE KWFINDER USE TO auto suggest the keyword from a given keyword by the user. The kwfinder came with paid as free version for the website or the user. Kwfinder has many tools as like SERP rank cheaker, keyword finder, serpwatcher, linkminer, Siteprofiler and many more. KWFINDER give suggestion, auto complete, question maker on the keyword given by the user.

  • keywordtool( The keywordtool came with paid as well as free version.The paid version show quantity of the keywords. While free version does not show quantity of the keyword, this is too popular for youtuber basically in free version. It has google, youtube, bing, amazon, ebay, app store, instagram and twitter keyword for the ranking on the search engine. Keywordtool came with more than 100 research on the keyword provided by the publisher.

  • Ahrefs(  The Ahref came with only paid version of keyword Research tools. This research tool is most popular paid research tool all over the internet. the crawler of 2nd busiest crawler in the whole world.

  • Semrush( The Aherf came with only paid version of keyword research tool. this is also a one of finest keyword research tools in the whole world. When you register with Semrush, you will get 10 queries free of cost with website tracking for 24 hours. This keyword research tool give you one of finest tracking method. Semrush give you approx 5 keyword idea with each keyword asked by the user.
  •                                 SEMrush

  • MOZ(MOZ.COM):- MOZ is also a one of popular keyword research tool in the whole world, moz generally offer paid version of Keyword research tool as well as free version for research. One of the most popular features of the MOZ is domain authority as well as Page Authority (PA AND DA). MOZ OFFER 10 free research to do research of anything as like domain authority, Keyword research.

  •  Keywordshitter:- This is free Keyword research tools it provide your keyword to google search there and it research it again and again on search engine.

  • Keyword planner:- This keyword research tools, sponsored by the Google for the implementing of Ads on Google ads. This system offer volume on the keyword and suggest more than 10 keyword on each query asked by the user.

  • Wordtracker(  Word tracker is one of upcoming Popular keyword Research and planner tools. It offers PPC AS WELL AS  SEO tracking tools in the world. It offer 10 free search to the Users.

  • Blogbing:- Blogbing is also on of upcoming keyword research tool in the world. Blogbing offer Device Ratio on niche, Top countries on niche, Niche growth rate on the term, The Blogbing offer more than 100 keyword on each terms.

  • Imforsmb( This is one of popular Keyword research and planner tool, it offer bulk Keyword generation. It offer keyword research tools for Business as like accounting, air conditioning, Auto or carpenting and many more.

  • Keywordin:- This is also one if popular Phrase keyword research and Planner tool, It is free in nature and offers Broad match, Exact match and no match for the SEO.
NOTE: experiment with each match type, including broad, phrase match and exact match.
  • soovle:- soolve is Search based Keyword research and planner tools, soolve is a search based keyword research  and planner tool. It offer search results from wikipedia,, youtube, Bing, google, Yahoo and amazon. Soovle just auto complete the keywords from the search. Dafult search engine is Google. you have just to change it before use of this tools.
  • WordStream:- It is one of keyword research And planner tool, offer PPC(PAY PER CLICK)  analysis of 40 hour in just 60 second. This analysis basically for advertiser to avail low cost search analysis.
  • Jaaxy:- It is only a keyword research and planner tools developed by Affiliate marketer for affiliate market. When you sign to Jaxxy you will gate You will get 30 search query for free of cost. It has a database of more than 500m keyword in its database. Jaxxy  allow you to track ranking on Google, Yahoo, Bing constantly.
  • Google search console:- It is one of most important and well known search console in today's technical world. When you upload some posts to Google search it came with many of results with its impression careteria.
  • Bing search console:- It is one of most important and well known search console in today's technical world. When you upload some posts to Bing search it came with many of results with its impression careteria.

  • SE ranking research:- It is a Keyword research and planner tool. It offer Paid traffic research, organic traffic research, keywords research, Keywords suggestion tool. SE ranking research tools came with two Version I.e paid as well free version. It's now free for 7days.
  • Seoprofiler:-  It is Keyword research and planner tool. It only come with paid version. It offer 249 million keyword to user. It offer daily Keywords ranking check to mire than 80 country, displayed between mobile as well as desktop type. Thus, create a opportunity to search keyword and save money. If we talk about keywords we will seoprofiler too helpfull as auto keyword suggestions, spy on the opponent keyword, optimize keywords difficulty level and optimization of the keyword.
  • majestic( It is a SEO OPTIMIZATION TOOL OR Website where user can do keyword research and plan to it. It only come with paid version to check the keywords planning. It is nominal in nature, it is okay type for keyword research.

Method to optimize the keywords on website or video Blog:-

1. Choose The long trail keywords:- 

What the long trail keyword mean?

Long trail keywords are the combinations of more than two to three keyword. They are Generally in Heading, Sub-heading and minor heading. Mainly, Long trail keywords are those are in the phrase form.

 2. Check the keyword difficulty level:-

What are the keyword difficulty level:-

Keywords difficulty are those measure, which suggest how much competition is in the specific keyword or the volume of search on the specific keyword. The volume are those how many search are done with in month.

3. Cheak search engine catch text:-

What is Search engine catch text:-

In the world of Keyword research or keyword planning one most important thing occur is that what has been catched by search engine.

Google catch text are those which use to be stored by GooGle to give specific result on the search queries or the keywords.

4.  Post publisher should insure that the Post published must be unique and relevant to the search keyword 

5.  Check search engine Listings to the keywords

6.  Optimizing existing text that is to add some new new material or text when editing a post. Publisher should always add pictorial text(image) with alt tags. While editing user must inter internal as well as external link to the posts with social link to the posts.

How optimization of Keywords can help Publisher to get visitor to there website?

In the Blogging industry, content(keyword) and users is the king. Optimization of keyword stand for organizing the Keyword or keywords in such a relevant way that allow or admire a chance to get rank in top 5 results in respective query or the keyword.

Optimization of Keywords states restructuring of pre published Posts to Get ranked in top relevant keyword of the posts. 

Profit and loss by restructuring keywords:-

There is approximately no loss well there is too much of profit regarding the Optimization of The Keywords. Publisher of website will get too much of visits. Hence, there profit and come to an era of the boom to the querity. However, Optimization of keywords regularly can pretend the user to not to get de ranked easily.

Conclusion and publisher belief on keyword optimization tool and research tools:- 

This is 2019, everything is changing day to day in every aspect of Life. New technology or algorithm to rank on any keywords is coming on the day to day basis. 

Approximately 2 new Algorithms are coming in daily by the search engines. According to which every search or keyword or SEO analysis tool changing on daily basis. 

The world in the war of data, which states consumer is the king.

These all suggest that page should get impression on the keywords should work on that keyword for faster and relevent ranking on the keywords.

In my term of usage, I only prefer search engine keyword and Seo tools for faster ranking, the search console of either search engine shows the most accurate and relvent search terms in data statics. This is my thinking or review nothing else.

Jai hind!

Updates soon for more relevent
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