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Adgebra Review: Indian Version Of Native Ads, Payment Proof and CTR, CPC

We have doen too much Ads review as like NativeAds ReviewAds Spoutable ReviewMgid Review and many more ads review. In this series the next Review is on the Adgebra Ads Review.

Adgebra is largest Multi-ligual Native ads in India. Adgebra is a Brand of Linux Media Pune(India).

Address of Adgebra:-

When we are doing Adgebra Review we find the Adgebra Address:-

Inuxu Digital Media Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Plot No 10, Survey No 123/1, Opposite Regency Cosmos,Baner Road, Baner, Pune, Maharashtra 411045

We are a call or email away:
(Reception / General Inquiries)
+91 727 620 2255 | Email:

(New Advertiser Related Inquiries)
+91 702 891 9079 | Email:

(Publisher Related Inquiries)
+91 727 621 2255 | Email:

Adgebra Review: Indian Version Of Native Ads, Payment Proof and CTR, CPC

Adgebra Ads Review For Advertiser:-

Adgebra has played an important role in the cooperation and sales with Indian advertisers. They have apparently worked on a number of customers in India, such as Axis Bank, Cadbury, Aditya Birla, Candere, Citi Bank, Chevrolet, DBS, Flipkart and many of the Top Brands Of India.

 Adgebra offers advertisers an unparalleled commitment through its 100% visible high-impact ad formats. In addition to ensuring maximum returns for advertisers, the platform has a higher reminder of their advertising campaigns.

Adgebra Ads Review for Publisher:-

Adgerba provides publishers with a range of solutions. It is the largest advertising platform in India. The following are the advantages for publishers and site owners of Adbegra's access. Currently, Adgebra reaches up to 250 million Unique Click and servers more than 6 Billion impressions a month. 

Profit of Joining The Adgebra:-

Adgebra is one of India's fastest growing indigenous CPM ad networks and offers its publishers an interactive benefit. The ad network monetizes blogs and websites for regional content that AdSense and other ad networks otherwise turn off. If we do not discuss the advantages offered to regional publishers, Adgebra's review will not be complete.

  • CPM Payments-Adgebra provides publishers with CPM-based payments and therefore no advertiser conversions are necessary. 
  • Innovative Mobile Ad Units-The network provides its broad range of publishers with innovative mobile ad units. Since over 90% of Indian users are mobile, these mobile ad units have higher rates of commitment. One time integration-Only once must you integrate your ad code. 
  • Public Information Exchange- If you want to share your data with your third party providers, you may also earn additional revenue. Real Time Reports – Access click, CTR, and revenue reports in real-time.
  • Echtzeit Reports - Obtain access to click, CTR and revenue reporting in real - time. 
  • Adgebra's personalized content recommendation widget allows for increasing traffic and revenue from native ads. Customized content recommendations.

How to Get Approved In Adgebra Ads:-

To Get Approve in Adgebra Ads:-


There is no official traffic requirements announcement, but it is recommended that you have 100 + unique visits before using adgebra. Your site should be good for its navigation link structure and user interface. 

      Your website is not supposed to produce bots traffic. 

To access an editor's account:, you can register here.

When your account is approved, you first have to click to log in to your account to adgebra ads on your website. You get code to insert into the header section of all pages after clicking on start.

 You must click on your domain (option below add domain is available). After adding this clode. 

You can now get code of a variety of dimensions such as 728 daf 90, 160 daf 600, 400 daF216, 400 daf216, 750 daf 16, 400 dafa432, 580 daF432, 750 daf432, and select your desired page code from where you want to view your ads and put code into the web page. 

Note that your footer is obligatory, without placing footer code, your ad won't display it. If you have added codes then Your ads want to appear. 

Note that the footer code is required, without placing the footer code your ad will not display. When you finish with the addition of code, your website contains adgebra ads.

For payment:

 The minimum amount you pay is Rs. 5000. You can send an invoice to Adgebra for payment when you reach the threshold of Rs. 5000. The processing and payment of your invoice may take about 2 months. There is also little need for Adgebra payment.

Adgebra CPC AND Cpm:-

While Doing Adgebra Review, we Find CPC (COST PER CLICK) AND CPM (COST PER MILE). CPC is .5 paise to 3 Rupee per click. While CPM is approx 500 rupee to 3000 Inr.

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