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Friday, 8 March 2019

Chitika Ads Review: ECPM, CPC, ads quality

Chitika Ads Introduction: 

There are numerous possibilities for bloggers to monetise their blog. I have come up with Chitika Ad reviews after writing reviews on Adversal, Infolinks, Bidvertiser. I'll give you a general overview of Chitika, which is one of AdSense's most popular alternative ad networks. Chitika is a major advertising non - contextual.

It has a low minimum payout threshold, which is best for Chitika. Chitika will be one of those Premium Ad Networks with quality ads if you are a newbie and have a blog with less traffic. You can earn huge income from Chitika if you have a high - quality blog.

Chitika Ads: Legit Or A Scam

The first question I would like to put is: Is it Scam or Legit when trying to monetize blogs? Chitika is a 100% legit enterprise. Chitika is one of the oldest online publicity companies. It was established in 2003. One of my friends earns from Chitika already a nice amount and is payable on time. 

Therefore, it's a legit company, rather than a scam. Now I've tried Chitika as well and I will soon reach the threshold. I'm soon going to share my proof of payment.

Chitika Ads: Profit of Using Chitika Ads

While doing Chitika Ads review we find  these Profits :-
  • Low criteria for eligibility. 
  • The minimum payout for all types of niche is low (only $ 10). 
  • Different ads including mobile types are easy to approve. 
  • Targeted advertising Can be used in addition to Adsense and other ad networks 
  • Searching for targeted ads makes it very easy to monetize mobile traffic by showing only relevant ads to the world support country Chitika with their ad units

Ad size Of chitikaAds:-

While Chitika Ads Review, we find  That Chitika  Ads show Skyscraper of different sizes well as Chitika also represent Diffrent type of Ads As Like Dynamic Size, Banner Ads and Many More.

CPM OFFERED BY Chitika ads:-

When we are applying the Chitika Ads or Chitika review, we Find that "how much a person will earn from Chitika Ads is based on, How publisher had optimized the ads and what is the quality of your post."

Chitika gives a low CPM range of impressions from just a few cents to USD 3. The rates of the CPC vary from 3 to 50% per click. However, Chitika gives the other ad network a lower fill rate. 

And for level 1, meaning traffic based in the US or Canada, it works better. And the ad type in Chitika is based on what the user types and not on the site's content, so there are times in which the ad doesn't matter and it doesn't change.


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