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If you are from India, you must hear about the Great SBI (STATE BANK OF INDIA). Sbi is so called Biggest Bank of India and in top 100 Bank of the world. From these Data we hope that SBI is one of  the most secured BANK.

However, these Bank is large in size which give them secured Banking environment to the Customer or Users. This Large size of SBI Banks give user some abnormality or difficulties.

Let's start with the Contents:-

History Of Sbi (state Bank of India):-

The roots of the State Bank of India were established in the early ten years of the 19th century, when, on 2 June 1806, the Bank of Calcutta later renamed the Bank of Bengal. The Bank of Bengal, the Bank of Bengal, belonged to three banks of the Presidency, two being the Bank of Bombay (incorporated on 15 April 1840). 

All three banks of presidency were included in the common stock and resulted from the royal charters. The exclusive right for these three banks was granted to issue paper currency until 1861, when the government of India took over the right under the Paper Currency Act. 

The presidential banks merged on 27 January 1921, and it was the Imperial Bank of India that became the reorganized banking entity. The Imperial Bank of India remained a common stock, but without the participation of the government.

The Reserve Bank of India, which was the Indian central bank, acquired controlled interest in the Imperial Bank of India, in accordance with the provisions of the State Bank of India Act of 1955. On 1 July 1955 the Imperial Bank of India became the state bank of India. In 2008 the Government of India took the reserve bank of India's share of SBI to eliminate any conflict of interests due to the Rural.

The state bank of India (subsidiary banks) Act was approved by the government in 1959. Eight banks belonging to the princely states were therefore part of SBI subsidiaries. It was at the time of the first five - year plan that prioritized rural India development. In order to expand its rural reach, the Government incorporated these banks to the State Bank of India system. 1963 SBI merged Jaipur State Bank (est. 1943) and Bikaner State Bank (est. 1943).

In rescues, SBI purchased local banks. The first one, together with its 28 branches, is the Bihar Bank (east 1911) which SBI purchased in 1969. The next year, the SBI acquired the 24 branches of the Lahore National Bank (est. 1942). Five years later in 1975, under the patronage of Macharaja Madho Rao Scindia, SBI acquired the Krishnaram Baldeo Bank, established in 1916 in Gwalior state. 

The bank was the Dukan Pichadi, a small Maharaja moneylender. Jall N. Broacha, a Parsi, was the new bank's first director. In 1985, SBI acquired the 120 branches of the Bank of Cochin, Kerala. As its affiliate, SBI was the acquirer of Travancore State Bank.

The first step towards reunification occurred when Saurashtra State Bank fusioned with SBI, cutting the number of associated State banks from seven to six. The first step was to bring about a unification of all of these banks. The SBI Board approved the State Bank of Indore absorption on 19 June 2009. In State Bank of Indore, SBI holds 98.3 percent. (Individuals holding government shares before their takeover have an equity of 1.7 %).

With the purchase of State Bank of Indore, 470 branches were added to SBI's existing branch network. SBI's total assets will also be approximated by € 10 trillion following its acquisition. The SBI and the State Bank of Indore had as of March 2009 total assets of € 9,981,190 million. 

The membering process of the Indore State Bank was completed by April 2010 and the Indore branch of the SBI began operating as a branch of the SBI branch on 26 August 2010. On 7 October 2013, Arundhati Bhattacharya became the first woman to be appointed as Chairman of the Bank.

SBI customer care:

  • Toll free number: 1800 11 2211

  • Toll free number: 1800 425 3800

  • Toll number: 080-26599990

  • Unhappy with services: SMS UNHAPPY to
    8008 20 20 20

Service offered By SBI (state Bank of India):-

There are too many service offered by SBI, some of them are listed Below:-

ATM services:

SBI provides a comfort of more than 43,000 ATMs throughout the country. This means that you can use any State Bank ATM - cum debit card, free of charge, at State Bank Group ATMs. This included State Bank of India ATMs, as well as the associated banks, namely Bikaner State Bank and Jaipur, Hyderabad State Bank, Mysore State Bank, Travancore National Bank and Travancore State Bank, said SBI.


SBI offers a wide variety of credit and debit cards, including classic debit cards and RuPay debit card, silver international debit cards, global debit cards, gold international debit cards, Platinum debit cards and more.

Internet banking: 

The bank- internet banking portal permits its banking customers to manage their accounts from everywhere and removes geography and time constraints. It provides the clients with the power and convenience of the Internet to carry out banking activities from their desktops, said SBI. 


The NPS is the defined contribution pension system introduced by the government in the form of pension sector reforms with the goal of providing all Indian citizens with social security. The Regulatory and Development Authority of the Pensions Fund (PFRDA) is administered and regulated. 

Two types of accounts are available for NPS: tier 1 and tier 2. A minimum contribution of Rs 1,000 per year must be made by subscribers for the Tier 1 account. No minimum contribution requirement exists for the tier-2 account of NPS, said SBI.

Online trade: 

SBI offers a trading bank account in partnership with SBICap Securities Limited, enabling the convenience of home or office trading on the internet. It offers a 3 in 1 account, which is an integrated savings bank account, demat account and on - line trading account platform.


SBI provides safe deposit lockers in a wide variety of branches to protect valuables. The annual nominal rent depends on the size of the locker and the central location of the branch. For the financial year, rent is payable in advance. 

At the time of the locker allocation, SBI noted, the locker hirer is provided with a copy of the locker agreement concerning the operation of the locker. The main benefit of using this facility is that the right to content of the locker does not automatically transfer to the surviving joint locker/ nominee(s) in the event of unfortunate death of one of the joint locker(s), except in the case of a survival.

Forex Support;-

The customer may, with the SBI network of external offices and the corresponding banking arrangements mentioned in the above, send remittances on credit to its accounts with the bank or for any family member in a convenient manners. The sending facilities are available throughout the world.

Green card SERVICE: 

SBI green issuing card is a simple PIN - free magstripe card. The product is designed to facilitate the transacting of non - home cash deposits through the Cash Deposit (CDM). This facility can be used by all customers (remitters), especially non - account holders, who want to send money to an SBI bank account on an online basis. The limit of the transaction is Rs 25,000 per transaction subject to the Rs 1,00,000 monthly limit, according to the SBI portal.


The 257 branches of sbiINTOUCH have state - of - the - art digital technology. These branches of SbiINTOUCH cover over 143 districts across the country. Through self - service kiosks and the services of other SBI subsidiaries such as life insurance, general insurance, mutual funds, credit cards and online trading via SBI cap securities, the lender notes that these futurist brans offer banking to customers.

NO Queue Mobile App: 

SBI ' NO Queue ' app provides virtual token reservations from anywhere without being present physically in the industry. Using the ' NO Queue ' application, clients can reserve the nearest branch's virtual queue ticket and get a status notification in real time for their position. Thus, a queue ticket is virtually available to prevent long queues.


We have discussed how SBI came into existence and top 10 services offered by SBI. I think this is sufficient one but reader must know more about SBI.

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