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Thursday, 16 May 2019

Yllix Media Review: CPM, CPC & CPA Ad Network

Yelix has established its very new right to a advertisement networks in 2012, but CPM / CPC / CPA is one of the rapidly growing advertising networks solution, which offers publishers a good rate when they click on a conversion of yllix media advertisement.

Link Ads Of Yllix Media - Link ads format

Yllix media Review: Legit or Scam

Since 2012, as we find during yllix review that yllix media is legit, yllix media pay to everyone who shows the ads of yllix in their website or who signup to yllix media as a publisher.

Yllix media Review: Payment Proof

Yllix payment proof

As given Above, yllix media have send payment to Publisher. Therefore, yllix media is legit. 

Yllix media Review: CPC, CPM and CPA

The CPC of yllix Advertisment is approx .0001$ per click. While, CPM of yllix is approx .1$-.2$. The CPA lead system of Yllix ads for Publisher is approx .04$.

Yllix media Review: silent Features

While our Yllix review, we find these terms are most exclusive silent features of Yllix media:

  • Fair rates
  • Detailed reports
  • Daily payments
  • 100% fill rate
  • Instant account approval

Yllix media Review: Payment Method

While our yllix review, Publisher get paid by these methods by these terms on yllix ads network
  1. $1 for PayPal
  2. $10 for Payza
  3. $10 for ZCash
  4. $50 for Payoneer
  5. $100 for international bank/wire transfer

Yllix media Review: How to Signup 

It's very simple to register, just fill in and verify your email form. The best thing about Yllix is to never ask any publisher of a website to add. You only need the ad code to be received and placed on the blog. They identify and endorse your blog automatically and publish your blog. Yllix media, before I have approved all sites, but they are automatically approved blogs, I believe.

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Yllix Review: Requirement as Publisher

Minimum traffic is not necessary. All adult and gambling niches are also approved. As long as it's legitimate, Yllix will endorse blogs. Illegal blogs are not accepted. Yllix needs to be told by the editor that its blog is an adult blog or not. If you place an adult in a non-adult blog, you want to overcome their limitations.

Yllix Review: conclusion

While our Yllix media review we find yllix ads are legit and easy to use. Publisher must try yllix as a alternative to AdSense and media.net.

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